Were you a Perfume Your Bin winner? Find out here!

482502-RB12L-MC-Mineral-Pink-482526-RB20L-MC-Mineral-Mint-Mood-Perfume-Mood-Hearts-1Did you win our Perfume Your Bin competition? Find out here on our blog to see if your name is listed!

And a huge thank you to everyone who took part, we had over 4,200 entries and most importantly some great views from you all about our Pine and Flower scents!

50 winners have been chosen at random.  If you are one of the winners listed below please do get in touch and email your full name and postal address to competitions@brabantia.com

Congratulations to:

  •  Elhouss Ka
  •  Laurence Boussard
  •  Rachel Geoffrey Carrein Volders
  • Déborah Nys
  •  Els Marieke
  • Martine Dedeken
  •  Joelle Prevot
  •  Martine Weis
  •  Aurore Luna
  •  Linette Aypas
  •  Caroline Cugnon
  •  Helene Papillon
  •  Thomas Vcb
  • Eliane Helmstetter
  • Phanny Terel
  • Gaelle Cano Fernet
  •  Shanna Tol
  •  Inga Haverkamp Wagensveld
  • Krista Klaasen
  •  Kyra Mertens
  • Alina Ustinovic
  • Natasja Hilverts
  •  Ezmee Middelkoop Rouwen
  •  Jidske Koppelaar
  •  Michelle Macquiné
  •  Bodyl Oosterholt
  •  Marjolijn Suk
  •  Bouke Pitstra
  •  Dawn Scott
  •  Charlotte Catmull
  •  Naomi Sarah Buchan
  •  Claire Thomson Little
  •  Brendan McHugh
  •  Carly Arthur
  •  David-Marc Robinson
  •  Luke McKenzie
  •  Elaine Stokes
  •  Ange Bigtempa Johnson
  •  Helen Magee
  •  Sarah Mills
  •  Lucia De Freitas Graca
  •  Sandra Humphreys
  •  Jem Lee
  •  Cathie Anders
  •  Monica Moldovan
  •  Jolanda Caris-Janssen
  •  Nelleke de Vries
  •  Michelle Stammen
  •  Chantal Dittrich
  •  Simone Isabella Dooley



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