Design Insights Interview with the fabulous blogger Elske!

Welcome to our latest Design Insights interview!  In this special edition of #DesignInsights we take a look at just what the wonderful  Elske thinks of our new Bo Touch Bin. Bo Touch Bin is made with love and care. Read below to find out how almost 100 years of craftsmanship and the latest technology come together. So let’s get started! Design Insights

What is your favourite Brabantia product?

The latest Bo waste bin from Brabantia! I love Brabantia’s products very much, and they are always of a super quality. The new Bo Touch Bin also fits perfectly into the list. The design for a trash can is really different than usual, no item in your kitchen that you prefer to stop.

What do you like most about our Bo Touch Bin?

Design Insights

Because of the design, it looks like a small box. I find the high legs beautiful and practical: it gives a spatial effect and the vacuum cleaner and the mop can get through too!

Do you have a favourite colour?

Brabantia Bo in ‘Mineral Golden Beach’.

Is Bo good for recycling?

Mine has two inner bins so that separating waste is a bit easier. An inner bucket of 11 litres for the organic waste and one of 23 litres for the residual waste. After cutting the stalks of a fresh bouquet of flowers or cutting fruit and vegetables, I easily throw the green remnants into the trash can, because then the kliko was just too far away. Now I immediately throw it away separately.

Thank you Elske for sharing your Bo love with us!  You can read about how Bo fits into our consumers’ lives too by checking out #BrabantiaBo.  Check out our full range here.

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