Welcome to our latest Design Insights interview! For this special #LoveToGive edition, we welcome the incredible food blogger, Sandhya Hariharan from Sandhya’s Kitchen.  We talk all things festive and #LoveToGive, so come on, let’s get chatting!

Festive style. What is your favourite thing about seasonal style in the home?

Every festive season brings in a new wave of change in the house.. Very minimalistic though…Winter is always dark and gloomy. We tend to jazz up the house with a touch of yellow palette, candles and some cozy blankets.

Our Christmas tree is usually out by 1st of December and there are endless planning about presents and decorations. The kids also open their advent calendars on the 1st of Dec.

Spring is the herald for summer.. Just like that we like the feel of freshness all around the house… Lots of herbs on my window sill.

Let’s talk presents…Nice to give and nice to receive, from our stocking filler corkscrews to our newest answer to food waste, our fab storage jars with measuring cups, which Brabantia must-have you would #LoveToGive this holiday season?

Giving presents can be just as good. Soon after deciding who the presents are meant for, the hunt begins. For a very close family, I would #LovetoGive the Bo Touch Bin for sure. Its classy, practical and smart!

As a stocking filler, I would consider the cork screw (for a cool friend) and a colourful whisk (for a kiddo learning to cook) etc.

Culinary inspiration. What is your favourite festive recipe and come on share your secret…which of our fab #LoveToGive kitchen utensils help make baking your go-to pleasure.

My recent favourite recipe to go is Smashed Potatoes with Rosemary & Feta Cheese. Herb Scissors are definitely my favourite #LovetoGive Kitchen accessory.

Take it easy. Give us your 1 top tip for stress-free entertaining over the festive period!

Bring out the Jenga!! Its not just for the kids, adults love it too.

Love the planet. Any tips on how you recycle your festive waste and make food go that little bit further this holiday season?

Well, a recipe like smashed potatoes can never go to waste. Any extra left overs can get toasted into your sandwich for lunch the next day!


Small or expensive gift?  Expensive 😉

Practical or daring (wow factor) present? No matter small or expensive, presents got to be Practical & Usable for sure:)

Guest or host? Host!! This gives us ample opportunity to keep the house in shape always.

All out or minimalist festive decorating style? Very minimalist decorating!

Thanks a lot Sandhya! Make sure you check out sandhya’s kitchen for inspiration and some delicious recipes!

Let us know your favourite #LoveToGive gift this festive season on our Facebook, Instagram or tweet us at @Brabantia for the latest news and inspiration!

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