What better way to celebrate the #LoveToGive holiday season than to catch up with Brabantia’s CEO Tijn van Elderen.

From modest beginnings back in 1919, Brabantia has grown into a global interior design brand, renowned for bringing smart and stylish design to kitchen and homeware.   We hope you’ll enjoy this exclusive interview on how Brabantia’s working hard to leave a better world for generations to come.

Read on to find out how this family company with family values truly cares about the products they create and the impact they have on people and the planet.

Congratulations on winning the Entrepreneur of the Year Award 2017! Tell us a little bit more about this. 

It’s incredible and an enormous compliment for us a company.

Over 1 million trees planted in collaboration with WeForest, what an achievement! How does that make you feel? 

We are showing that a sustainable policy can go hand in hand with a healthy profit and that little can be done to make a big difference.

The world has fallen in love with Bo! 100 years of craftsmanship and living proof of your love for the planet, why is building sustainability into your products so important to the team at Brabantia?

We want to be part of the solution, not the pollution and we want to make waste beautiful.

For every newIcon pedal bin sold, you make a donation to The Ocean Cleanup and the first deployment of this in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch will take place next year, are there plans to continue witthis collaboration? Tell us more. 

We will continue.

Tell us why the Hunger Project is such an important initiative to support? 

We want to be part of the solution and we want to help out as much as we can! Awareness on the major events of our time is important. WeForest to counter global warming, the Hunger Project to counter hunger and the Ocean Cleanup to counter plastic waste.

What’s the secret of your success in 10 words or even less? 

We always find the sweet spot between the design, sustainability and the pleasure.

New products for 2018 will soon be revealed…can you give anything away? 

Beautiful Extension to Bo.

Are there any New Year’s Resolutions for Brabantia that you’d like to share with us? 

We would like to bring more Bo-like products!

What is your Festive Wish for 2018?

May you all be at peace with yourselves.

Thank you Tijn.

We wish you all a beautiful and sustainable Christmas!

Here at Brabantia we’re passionate about our products and their impact on the environment. Don’t forget to give us a ‘Like’ on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter and Instagram for more.


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