It’s time for another Design Insights Interview – #LoveToGive edition! In this edition, we welcome the amazing Jo Middleton from lifestyle, travel and food blog, Slummy Single Mummy Let’s get started!

Festive style. What’s your favourite thing about seasonal style in the home? 

I really love all aspects of Christmas, so style wise at home I love anything that adds the element of luxury or cosiness. Lovely velvet throws in deep reds, open fires, vibrant peacock colour palettes, and of course a real Christmas tree festooned with decorations! I always have spiced scented candles at Christmas too, as smell is an important aspect of home for me.

Take it easy. Give us your 1 top tip for stress-free entertaining over the festive period!

Well, I have to admit that my top tip is to go to someone else for Christmas! My sister moved to Ireland a few years ago and so for the last couple of Christmases we’ve headed there for a few days of festive fun. If you are having guests, then planning is key. Just make sure you never run out of mince pies or wine for mulling and everyone will be happy.

Let’s talk presents…Nice to give and nice to receive, from our stocking filler corkscrews to our newest answer to food waste, our fab storage jars with measuring cups, which Brabantia must-have you would #LoveToGive this holiday season?

Presents are my favourite bit about Christmas! I’m sure anyone looking in on our Christmas day would think we were ridiculous, but we do tend to go a little bit over the top when it comes to gifts! I love the new Brabantia Bo Touch Bin – (who knew bins could be so stylish?) – but for more of a stocking filler I love the new mint and pink storage jars that come with their own measuring cups. They’re the perfect mix of beautiful AND useful.

Culinary inspiration. What’s your favourite festive recipe and come on share your secret…which of our fab #LoveToGive kitchen utensils help make baking your go-to pleasure?

It mind sound a bit geeky, but a really good knife makes all the difference to my cooking. My youngest daughter has already put in a Christmas Day request for dauphinoise potatoes, so I’ll definitely need a good sharp kitchen knife for that, to slice the potatoes in perfect, thin slivers.

Love the planet. Any tips on how you recycle your festive waste and make food go that little bit further this holiday season?

It’s easy to find yourself with heaps of leftovers at Christmas, so you do need to be a bit savvy about them. I really hate throwing away food, so I always try to keep leftovers for snacks or to turn into other recipes, like the infamous Bridget Jones turkey curry buffet!


Small or expensive gift? Expensive!

Practical or daring (wow factor) present? A mix of the two perhaps?

Guest or host? Guest. Then I don’t have to cook!

All out or minimalist festive decorating style? All out. Always.

Great interview, thanks Jo! Don’t forget to check out Slummy Single Mummy for the best lifestyle and food inspiration.

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