Welcome to our latest Design Insights interview! In this edition we welcome the lovely food and travel obsessed blogger, Marie Gourmandise!

Come on let’s get started!

Festive style. What’s your favourite thing about seasonal style in the home? 

My home is simple and minimalist. The style is very Swedish, there is a lot of white and wood. But, for christmas the house becomes very traditional, there is normally a lot of red and white. For the food, well, it’s winter so it’s comfort food,  roasted  vegetables and hot soup, etc.

Let’s talk presents…Nice to give and nice to receive, from our stocking filler corkscrews to our newest answer to food waste, our fab storage jars with measuring cups, which Brabantia must-have you would #LoveToGive this holiday season?

I love Brabantia, it’s a must-have brand in my kitchen! At least once a week, I use my cast iron casserole to prepare my bread or to simmer a nice little dish! So of course, that’s one of the best gifts ever! I love roasted vegetables with meat (turkey, lamb and beef) and I do have a recipe on my blog that you can try.

Give us your top tip for stress-free entertaining over the festive period!

Get prepared! Organise the race for gifts and make a list for everyone. For example, we have a closet at home and throughout the year we put away gifts, so we know that we have a little present ready for everyone.

Love the planet. Any tips on how you recycle your festive waste and make food go that little bit further this holiday season?

Firstly, make a list before you go shopping. Ask your family to bring  storage boxes and if there are some leftovers, share with your family before they leave. If you still have some food left, freeze it and take it out when you don’t want to cook!


– Small or expensive gift? A big smile is the best 🙂

Practical or daring present? Very practical, most of the time for the house!

– Guest or host?  Host of course!

– All out or minimalist festive decorating style?  Minimalist, don’t feel comfortable with loads of decorations.

Thanks for the interview Marie! 

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