It’s time for another Design Insights Interview – #LoveToGive edition! Today we’ve chatted to the multi-award winning entrepreneur and transformational coach as well as author and interior designer. Let’s welcome Kiran Singh!

Come on, let’s get chatting!

Festive style. What’s your favourite thing about seasonal style in the home? 

My Christmas style is traditional with red and gold. I change my curtains,  cushions and interior accessories to red & gold mid-November and then put up the Christmas tree and decorations on the 1st of Advent. I also light Christmas scented candles and hang up fairylights over the window.

Let’s talk presents…Nice to give and nice to receive, from our stocking filler corkscrews to our newest answer to food waste, our fab storage jars with measuring cups, which Brabantia must-have you would #LoveToGive this holiday season?

It will no doubt have to be the Bo Touch Bin, stylish yet super practical and it comes in a variety of gorgeous colours to go along with your interior theme or your personality.

Culinary inspiration. What’s your favourite festive recipe and come on share your secret…which of our fab #LoveToGive kitchen utensils help make baking your go-to pleasure?

As I am Norwegian origin, I love Norwegian Christmas food,  especially ‘Cabbage Stew’ and ‘Rice cream with Raspberry Sauce’. Brabantia’s Pots & Pans are perfect for cooking these.  🙂

Take it easy. Give us your top tip for stress-free entertaining over the festive period!

For me, the most important thing is to leave the perfection and be authentic. Create an atmosphere and ambiance that’s relaxing and enjoyable. Let the food talk; food is, after all, memories. Sharing good food with friends and family is one of life’s great pleasures and gives us some of our happiest memories.

My top tip: When cooking for friends and family, remember the most important thing is that they come over to spend time with you, not to test your cooking skills. Keep it simple and get organised, and everything will go smoothly. Choose recipes you know you can manage in your kitchen with ingredients you know you can find. Read the recipes through before you start, refer to the work plan, then just relax and enjoy the shopping and cooking.

Love the planet. Any tips on how you recycle your festive waste and make food go that little bit further this holiday season?

Refuse what you do not need. Reduce what you do need. Reuse what you consume. Recycle with Bo Touch Bin what you cannot refuse, reduce or reuse and compost the rest.


Small or expensive gift? Small, personal gifts definitely.

Practical or daring present? No doubt practical with my being organised personality.

Guest or host? I absolutely love hosting as I can do whatever my heart desires. I get easily bored anyway, so hosting will keep me busy 🙂

All out or minimalist festive decorating style? As Christmas is only once a year, I go all out when it comes to decorating.

Amazing interview, thanks Kiran! Don’t forget to check out Design the Lifestyle you Desire for more interior inspiration!

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