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Five ways to bring Hygge into your home!

Hygge [NOUN] 

A quality of cosiness and comfortable conviviality that engenders a feeling of contentment or well-being (regarded as a defining characteristic of Danish culture) – Oxford Dictionaries.

Hard to describe, and even harder to pronounce (hooga!), Hygge is all about sustaining a state of cosiness and contentment both within and amongst your surroundings. Often, its cosy surroundings which create your inner contentment and sense of calm, that’s why your interior is considered super important to your well-being. Here are our top five ways to make your interior a ‘Hygge home’!


Bring in warming colours 

Warmness and inner cosiness are often associated with deeper colours such as reds, purples, and browns. But do not fear, you don’t have to drench your home in intense shades, sometimes it’s all about colour popping key pieces. Take our Passion Red Touch Bin for example, the perfect way to incite a little bit of Hygge colouring into a kitchen without overwhelming colour décor!

Think less (it’s more!)

A decluttered space helps declutter the mind. Keep loose items away in cupboards, boxes or neatly on shelves and your mind should stay similarly focused and organised, in theory creating a sense of contentment and calm!


Relax amongst soft lighting

Avoid harsh, bright artificial lighting for the rooms you’re wanting to bring Hygge into! Think dimming spotlights and small lamps as opposed to intense ceiling spotlights. Even better, why not go old school and use candles as an alternative? Light in lanterns for safety or position tea lights neatly on shelves for the ultimate Hygge lighting! Brabantia’s easy-to-use, long-lasting Flame Lighter is the tool you need for your calming candle paradise!

Play music 

It’s a known fact that music holds a significant amount of power over our mood. Tunes with a slow tempo can install a sense of calm, whilst fast tempo music can help us release mood-enhancing chemicals in the brain, particularly if accompanied with a stress-busting dance! Why not create your own ‘Hygge’ playlist – or check out our listed tunes on our Spotify!


Embrace the outdoors

A key part of Hygge is all about embracing the natural calmness of the outdoors. As well as bringing elements of the outdoors in with luscious pot plants, why not bring the indoors out onto your patio with blankets, cosy outdoor furniture, fairy lights or lanterns!

Do you think you’ve achieved Hygge in your home?

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