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Find your Green Fingers and grow your own this Autumn

Here at Brabantia we love you to enjoy preparing your food with the perfect tools ;-). And of course, enjoying food preparation can start with growing the food yourself! Fresh, healthy, and ‘done by yourself’. Perfect.  If you’ve got a spare space in your garden, however big or small, why not use the coming of Autumn as inspiration to get green fingered and grow some of your own to enjoy in the months ahead? Oriental Leaves

Now’s the time to sow some quick growing crops that will be ready to harvest just before everything decides to hunker down for winter.   A great way to extend the idea of summer is to plant some delicious oriental salad leaves.  These prefer cooler climates than traditional salad leaves and many are even frost hardy.  If planted this month, you can be enjoying delicious tasty leaves right up to December. 

Planning further ahead to harvest your veggies next spring? 

Autumn planting onions are very easy to grow and really do look after themselves over the winter months.  But, they have a long growing season so any you plant now won’t be ready to harvest until next summer.

Spring Onions

Keeping on the theme of onions now is the time to plant your spring onions, so they’re all set to be harvested and enjoyed in those sunny days of April and May.

‘Cut and come again’ crops are great for maintaining your interest in the garden over the colder months. Growing perpetual spinach couldn’t be easier. Plant it now and you will be harvesting well into next summer, but remember, the secret to this crop’s success is to remove any flowers before they run to seed.

If garden space is an issue don’t despair.  Bring your green fingers inside and plant up a window box of delicious and fragrant herbs – if you plant them now you’ll have a herb garden to envy next spring.

Basil Herbs

They also like a regular cutting. So, if you’re growing chives, regular trims will encourage growth and pinch out any flowers on herbs such as basil or marjoram so they’re focussing on growing and not making seeds.

Whatever you grow, we hope you enjoy the process as much as the final product.

Do you have any top tips for growing your own vegetables?

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