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A lack of space doesn’t have to mean a lack of style! Some of the most inspiring spaces are on the smaller side; all creativity condensed into a concise, super-chic home that you love! We know what you’re thinking – “this is all very well, but I own far too much stuff to keep my home chic!” Busy homes are full of ‘stuff’, which is why our home space-saving ideas may come in handy when it comes to perfecting your small space into a beautiful, clutter-free home, without compromising your possessions!

Gadget Hanging RackMake use of wall space for necessities

Wall space is often reserved for décor and art, but why not utilise it for living necessities there may not be space for in cupboards or draws! Let kitchen utensils become part of contemporary home décor by hanging them above kitchen surfaces; the true definition of beautifully practical, with tools within easy reach, saving in-room space and looking super-stylish! Stay sleek with our profile line or funk it up with our fun mix of Tasty Colours! Discover what you can do with the Gadget Hanging Rack!

Shelving techniques

Corner space within the home often goes unused, and is underrated! Shelving situated over corners of the room can make snazzy space for your art or statement design pieces, which may have been comprised to make room for house necessities. If you’re a small space with high ceilings, don’t forget to make the best of the depth of your house or apartment with high shelving, again working well for art and décor; perhaps those items which you may not need to get down so often but enjoy admiring from afar!

Stackable JarsThink stackable storage

Stack, stack, stack! Purchase products that fit together tightly in order to make the most of every inch of cupboard capacity, shelving area or surface space! Brabantia have perfectly crafted a range of stackable jars for all of your storage needs; store pasta, tea, biscuits and a range of food necessities in our gorgeous range! But we’re not just about the space saving kitchen ideas, you can use the stacking technique in all areas of your home, such as in the bedroom with our handy Stackable Storage Boxes – made with love for a superior laundry-sorting technique without the need for floor space!

Utilise under the stairs

Many home designs can be partial to under-stair cupboards, where many people may store hoovers, dust pans, garden tools or shoes. Often these are large spaces, which means they could be utilised further to make your hallway a room in itself! Why not consider knocking down unnecessary walls or doors to create an under-stair office or craft space for the kids! It’s all about juggling the space to you do have to make space for the home you really want!

Design icon must-have!

Interior design is one of the most innovative industries in the world! Our latest space-saving beauty comes in the form of Bo Touch Bin. A design lover’s delight, the bin becomes a statement piece with its innovative, elegant legs to maintain floor space, whilst a narrow, rectangular shape means it can be stood up flat against a wall. Available in a range of colours, you can choose a Bo to suit your stylish space!

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