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Fresh inspiration from interiors around the world!

When it comes to your interior, style inspiration isn’t always on your doorstep! Don’t limit yourself to trends from your home country – there’s a wide range of fresh fashion ideas to be taken from gorgeous interiors around the world! The best thing is, you don’t have to commit to one theme for your whole home, why not pick and mix with an exciting new style experience in each room!

Whether you want to take elements of a cultural style to combine with your contemporary home or go full traditional, here are some of our favourite interiors from around the world…


Think bathrooms!

Add a little luxury to your home with the spa-like style of the Moroccan interior! Tiles are key here, in typically Eastern patterns which, if you’re wanting to go full Moroccan, can crawl from walls across floors, playing with space! Alternatively, thick concrete walls and bathtubs with super-stylish mosaic and ceramic sinks! In terms of colour, it’s up to you, but think brass, coppers or golds alongside blues for ultimate dramatic effect! The Moroccan interior style is all about exotic, luxurious spaces, to what intensity you want to mix it in with your contemporary style is up to you! 


Think kitchens!

Scandinavian style is all about light, clean and simple spaces, with a colour palette which is generally neutral. Think ‘natural beauty’ and functionality with natural materials such as light wood, which provide texture and warmth. With crisp white walls, black accent pieces, and basic or exposed lighting – sometimes simplicity is the winner!


Think bedrooms!

French style is all about elegant glamour! Think delicate colour palettes like soft pinks, hues of grey or understated blues. Perfect. Patterns on textiles should be subtle – such as with light velvet or pin tucked furniture – whilst in contrast, lighting should be extravagant; you don’t need a gigantic crystal chandelier but a glass statement piece will seriously help jazz up this style! Drop in a dash of lavish elegance with opulant curtains and rustic trinket décor if you’re wanting to really go Parisian!


Think living rooms!

Japanese styles are all about creating natural, relaxing environments – that’s why the lounge is the ideal room in your home to go all out with some super-cool Japanese styles! Think big windows or sliding doors for that must-have natural lighting, small green plants to bring in the outdoors and low seating – suiting the Japanese tradition of sitting near to the ground. For your other furniture think natural materials such as bamboo, wooden tables, woven rugs and paper lampshades. Innately inspiring! 

Where around the world do you get inspired for interior style?

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