TO THE KITCHEN! Fun and easy recipes for kids!

Fun and easy recipes for kids!

Summer time is the perfect season to roll back our sleeves and head to one of our favourite places – the kitchen – with the children and get them busy creating some tasty treats! There are endless opportunities for your little ones when it comes to baking, with plenty of inspiration on Pinterest and foodie blogs for fun and creative recipes which they’ll be able to do with minimal guidance. Mind the mess, though!

Here are some of our favourite recipes for kids:

Unicorn Fudge

With only two ingredients, this recipe from Kara’s Party Ideas is not only one of the most magically colourful recipes on the web but one of the easiest to make! Just grab some white chocolate chips and strawberry frosting (okay, don’t forget the sprinkles too!), and you’re on your way to pretty treats for the whole family! With no hot oven or sharp knives involved this is one that the kids can do solo!

French Toast Churro Bites

These may look like they involve a technical recipe but in fact, it’s simply a classic recipe for French toast coated with sweet cinnamon and brown sugar, thanks, OMG Chocolate Desserts! Being so easy to make, why not double the ingredients and make a big enough batch for the weekend’s breakfasts? In a cute heart shape, these Churro Bites are perfect for spreading the family love – but you can pick whichever fun and funky shape from whichever cookie cutters you have lying around the house! Brabantia’s Cookie Cutter Set includes House, Heart and Start cutters – how about getting your hands on these kitchen cuties for your baking session!

Marshmallow Pops

We absolutely adore this tasty idea from The Pioneer Woman; something the kids can customise and truly get creative with, and the only main ingredient is marshmallows! Simply help your kids stack and stick their squidgy mallows with their choice of peanut butter or caramel sauce, then watch them create their masterpiece as they dip, flick or sprinkle sweet melted chocolate and their choice of colourful toppings and sprinkles! Sweet!

Little Fishy Cupcakes

How cute are these? Two Sisters Crafting have shared their recipe for Little Fishy Cupcakes and they’re super adorable! Your little ones might need help creating and oven-baking the cupcake mixture, and you might too, with the aid of our superstar quality Kitchen Scale & Mixing Bowl Set! Once the baked cupcakes have been cooled, though, it’s all hands on deck for the kids to decorate their favourite coloured fish!

Kitchen Scale Mixing Bowl

Do you have a fun baking recipe you’d like to share with us?

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