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We all want to do our bit for the environment, but where to put our compostable waste is a perennial question we’re asked. Touch Bin New Recycle 23 10L Matt Steel Fingerprint Proof

Our design team has come up with the perfect solution – our Touch Bin New Recycle. From the outside, it oozes kitchen style, but lift the lid and its eco-friendly credentials jump out at you. What’s not to love!

With two inner plastic buckets, the 23-litre side has been designed for general household waste, whilst the separate 10-litre bucket is specifically for compostable waste. Special ventilation holes have also been inserted in the 23-litre bin to ensure that any excess air that has built up when the liner is inserted can escape preventing a vacuum from forming when removing the filled bin liner. Perfect.

With our ‘soft touch’ opening, this bin is easy to clean and has a sturdy grip, making it easy to move, even when full!Touch Bin New Recycle 23 10L Matt Steel Fingerprint Proof

Available in Brilliant Steel, Matt Steel, and Matt Steel Fingerprint Proof, both sizes of plastic buckets are also available for purchase individually.

If you’re passionate about composting and recycling, this is the bin for you!

There are times in life when size does matter – and this is definitely the case for larger and busy families who whose bins fill up almost daily.

To address this, we’ve created our sophisticated 40-litre touch bin – a classy solution that delivers on capacity and is space saving too.Touch Bin New 40L Passion Red

Its ergonomic, flat rear shape enables it to fit snugly against any wall and because of its size, special ventilation holes in the inner bucket prevent any vacuum forming when removing the filled bin liner. Made from durable corrosion-resistant materials, the 40-litre Touch Bin is available in 11 colourways, including our vibrant Passion Red, and is guaranteed to become a firm favourite in every busy household.

Full details of our Touch Bin New Recycle and spacing saving 40-litre Touch Bin can be found here.

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