Embrace Home Grown Get Planting

Show your garden and cooking some love!

With the longest day of the year now just around the corner, it’s time to get busy in the garden and make use of those long light evenings planting some delicious summer vegetables to be enjoyed in your fab recipes in the months ahead.

Most fruiting plants such as tomatoes, peppers, and aubergines should already be in the ground, but as the soil is now lovely and warm they’re still worth planting but remember to always treat them to your sunniest spot.

Planting Top Tips

No salad tastes better than one with leaves fresh from the garden, so now’s the perfect time to do a bit of succession planting.  Sow seeds every three to four weeks and you’ll be guaranteed a bumper crop of tender and tasty leaves all the way to early Autumn.  What’s not to love?

Why not try a mix of rocket, summer purslane, chard, and other mixed leaves and keep happy and healthy as you cut and come again? A planting top tip:  gardening folklore says it’s best to sow lettuce at the end of the day when the soil is cooling down.

Oriental leaves are also good to plant in June  Whether you opt for mizuna, pak choi or mustard greens the smaller leaves are great mixed with other salad and the larger leaves make a tasty home-grown addition to a stir-fry. Delicious!

For those who like a quick return, radishes are a great option and can be harvested within three to four weeks of sowing. Now available in an array of rainbow colours, some even striped inside, they’re guaranteed to provide that extra touch of spice to a salad.  But did you know, they’re full of Vitamin C and their greens can be eaten too?  The greens are also delicious in curries, adding a spicy kick, and are a good alternative to spinach, so we’re told!

Making best use of your produce Mint Chopping Board

With all this home-grown produce in prospect, it’s also time to make sure your kitchen tools are tip top and fit for purpose. From vegetable peelers, corers, herb scissors, vegetable knives and chopping boards there’s a host of Tasty Colours tools all designed to help you prepare your home-grown veggies and make them taste that bit tastier.

Whether you have a garden, terrace or window box, now’s the time to embrace the home-grown and enjoy the fruits of your labours. 

Let us know how you will be embracing your garden this summer!

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