Let Us Plant A Tree For You

Let’s make it a million! #LoveNature with Brabantia

Like you, we want to take good care of our planet and leave a better world for the next generation.

Sharing Our Latest #LoveNature News

In cooperation with WeForest, we’ve planted over 800,000 trees, making the deserts so much greener! And now, guess what, we are going for a million! Planting a tree for every rotary dryer or drying rack sold! What’s not to love!

As the weather is (finally!) getting better, we are all starting to enjoy the benefits of outdoor drying. Not only is it better for the planet but it’s kinder to your clothes too.  And if there is an occasional Spring shower, do not panic, why not use one of our handy laundry racks?

Time To Help Out Mother Nature

To help keep you green and save our planet we’ve produced a cool little booklet to make your laundry that whole lot greener. Click here to read our Top Tips.

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