Design Insights with Elke Vanbrusselt

Design Insights with Elke Vanbrusselt!

Welcome to our latest Design Insights interview! In this edition, we welcome Elke Vanbrusselt, from double-act blog CurlyRedStraightBlonde. Let’s get started!

Describe your design style in 5 words or less.

Minimalistic with a special touch.

With the Pantone Colour Institute announcing ‘greenery’ as its ‘Colour of the Year 2017’, what tips can you give us to add a splash of green into your home?

As you said, greenery is a colour of the year, that is why I advise choosing items in trendy colours which you can easily replace.

Flowers and plants are very appropriate to use as decoration objects. They also give you a positive feeling and your house a “fresh feeling”. My current favourites: the “golden cane palm”, “kentia palm” and “Monstera deliciosa”.

Besides flowers and plants, you can update your interior in 1,2,3 with small decorative items such as pillows, blankets and vases.

People often say ‘green’ reconnects them with nature and has soothing qualities, what’s your take on this?Minimalistic With A Special Touch

I have to admit that I am a “city kind of girl”. I love to travel to cities and discover new shops, places to eat and I love to live here. But, when I want to relax, fresh air and a green environment are key. Or in other words: back to basics.

Although our garden is small, it was one of my conditions on our “house checklist” which needed to be fulfilled. I also try to get much “greenery” in the house by integrating plants, flowers and herbs. I believe they not only have a cleaning effect on the environment but also on your thoughts and state of mind.

Our newIcon range of pedal bins includes some fab new colours, do you like your homewares to blend in, or take centre stage?

I always look at colours in regards to the function of the room. Items I want to highlight will get a colour which stands out from all the other colours in the room. These can be soft or bright colours (also depending on the other elements in the room and colour palette).

In our guest toilet, I went for a pink bin because this room is a very “sober” room. On the other hand, I want to show that this object doesn’t have to be something that just needs to be there, which you always put in the corner of the “little room”.

Our bathroom contains a Matt Black bin (I absolutely love this one in the newIcon range!) because it blends well with all the other elements here and I want to let other items “speak” here.

We love our planet as much as you do. That’s why we’ve really stepped up our green game to help rid the world’s oceans of plastic, thanks to our newIcon pedal bins. Are you more inspired to buy a product if you know it’s helping a good cause?

Today we are still buying too much stuff without thinking about the ecological and also the economical aspect. And I would not say that I never buy something by only looking at the price, but I am trying to buy more consciously and focus on the long-term aspects of the product. So I think this is a superb initiative of Brabantia!

Any top tips on how to reuse or upcycle products to give them a new lease of life?

My “blog partner in crime” a.k.a. Curly Red is a creative centipede and makes from time to time an up-cycled eye catcher. One of her latest works is a rocking chair, which she found in a thrift shop. So my tip: go out and explore at your grandma’s place, flee markets, thrift shops for items which are not used anymore but have potential. Add a bit of blog/YouTube/DIY book inspiration and you will create new objects!

What inspires you today? 

I bet you heard it before, but I have to say that literally, everything can inspire me. My smartphone notes are exploding with inspiration (because I am the girl who buys fancy notebooks and then forgets to take these with her). But I want to tell you one “fix” inspiration source and one I am looking more at nowadays.

The first one is Pinterest, my favourite social media platform. I love to see items, which are selected, based on my interest and also love to discover people who have a similar style. There has not been one day I didn’t scroll my Pinterest feed and put something on my board “for the home”.

The second one is architects. I think it is great to see what inspires them and which choices & combinations they make. One of my favourites is David Thulstrup and his practice “Studio David Thulstrup”. Find them on Instagram and check out the “Material Mood Of The Week”. Those combinations of colours and materials… I love it!

New year goals for 2017 you’d like to share?

My new year’s resolution is to finish our house and make it a home! The first project: restore the old doors of our home. It is very important for me to reuse all the old elements because they determine the character of our home. When this one is done we will start renovating our attic, to hopefully give a small baby boy or girl a warm welcome. Keep an eye on our blog. I will keep you posted! 😉

Thanks for a super interview Elke! Elke Vanbrusselt

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