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Lids and bins for busy homes

Touch Bin LidHow to replace your Brabantia Bin Lid

All our Brabantia bins are built to last. But, if you find yourself needing to replace your Brabantia bin lid, it’s as easy as clicking here.

Brabantia bin lid replacements can be delivered directly to your home, and if you’re unsure which one matches your bin, or how to install your lid replacement, check out our ‘how to’ video below.


Fitting your family’s requirements

Understanding only too well how family needs change over time, is it time in your family to go up a size? If so, our new 40-litre Touch Bin New will definitely fit the bill. Combining a great new design with Brabantia’s famous quality and value for money, this new 40-litre beauty oozes style and is available in five new head to toe colours.

Touch Bin New 40L - Matt SteelBold and confident the new 40 litre Touch Bin New is available in Passion Red, White, Platinum, Matt Black and Metallic Grey; as well as Brilliant Steel, Matt Steel and Matt Steel Fingerprint Proof, all of which come with a steel top too.

With our quietest easy close lid yet, our 40-litre Touch Bin New is all about ergonomics. One hundred percent practical and stylish, we’re confident you’re going to love this new addition to your kitchen as much as we do.

Any questions?

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