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#DesignInsights Interview with Interior Designer Cate St Hill!

Welcome to our #DesignInsights interview! We are super excited about having a chance to chat with the super-stylish interior designer Cate St Hill. Her blog is where you will find inspiration for light, relaxed Scandi interiors. Let’s get chatting…

Describe your design style in 5 words or less.    interior designer

Simple, minimal, relaxed.

With the Pantone Colour Institute announcing ‘greenery’ as its ‘Colour of the Year 2017’, what tips can you give us to add a splash of green into your home?

Plants are a great, affordable way to add a bit of greenery in the home no matter how much space you have, whether it’s a small, humble succulent or air plant by the bed or a great, big monstera in the living room. Not only do they brighten up a space and add an accent of colour, they also help purify the air and, I believe, aid wellbeing in the home.

People often say ‘green’ reconnects them with nature and has soothing qualities, what’s your take on this?

Yes, I recently moved house to be able to have a garden and be near a park, I find it incredibly soothing to look out the window at the outside greenery while I work at my desk or restore and reinvigorate the mind with a walk. Bringing plants into the home helps mimic some of those relaxing qualities.

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do you like your homewares to blend in, or take centre stage?

I like the bones of the room, the walls and floors, to be a neutral backdrop for homewares and accessories to come alive and tell the story.


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Are you more inspired to buy a product if you know it’s helping a good cause?

Yes, certainly. More and more I want to know where the products I buy are coming from, how they’re made and what impact they have on the world around me. Every little helps and if we can buy more consciously I think we can collectively make a difference.

Any top tips on how to reuse or upcycle products to give them a new lease of life?

I’m always using jam jars as candle holders or small vessels for fresh flowers and herbs. Paint plant pots to give them a new lease of life or take the label off yoghurt pots and use them to propagate new plants from existing ones.

What inspires you today?

I’m a big magazine and book hoarder, at the moment I’m enjoying the Urban Jungle Bloggers book and House of Plants by Caro Langton and Rose Ray for tips on living with plants.

New year goals for 2017 you’d like to share?

I’d definitely like to have more plants in the home, and try and keep them alive! I also want to live more seasonally, buying local produce in the farmers market, being conscious of where the food comes from, and cooking more.

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