Homemade festive decorations

When it comes to celebrating in style there’s no better way to get into the spirit of the festive season than with a few homemade decorations! From simple, child-friendly festive decorations to more sophisticated craft projects for those looking for a challenge, you can create something extra special to brighten your home.

So, if you’re looking for a way to keep the kids (or yourself!) amused on a rainy day or just planning ahead, we’ve put together a few ideas on making decorations for the holidays.

paper festive decorations

Image CC: Wonderlane

Traditional decorations for the holidays

Who doesn’t remember the joy of creating paper chains for the festive season? Inexpensive and undemanding young children will have a ball gluing together brightly coloured strips of paper to create the ultimate in nostalgic festive decorations, while older kids and adults can attempt something a little more exotic using fabric, metallic card or even plain old tinfoil!

Naturally Festive Decorations

A walk in the woods or just through your local park can produce a wealth of ideas to turn natural materials into homemade decorations to dazzle & delight!

Pine cones, holly leaves, even twigs and branches with a few bright berries can be transformed with some glue and a little glitter. Simple, easy and suitable for even the youngest children, kids will have a whale of a time experimenting with colours and producing their very own festive season decorations.


Image CC: Andrew Stawarz

Baked goodies!

Bring a bygone feel to your festive season by baking your own homemade decorations: Our colourful Cookie cutter set is perfect for creating a range of holiday shapes. Biscuits and gingerbreads, dusted with a little icing sugar and hung with bright ribbons will be a delight for children – both in helping to make them as well as eating the final results!

Easy origami for festive season decorations

Another classic festive decoration from our school days – show your children how to cut small shapes into folded plain, coloured or patterned paper and then watch the joy on their faces as you open it out to reveal their very own snowflake design! The adventurous can even try something a little more advanced, such as letters to spell out a seasonal message.

Photo festive decorations

Print out much-loved photos from festive seasons past, glue them onto sturdy card and thread with string or ribbons to produce homemade decorations for the holidays which will bring a glow to your heart. What’s not to love!

Bridseed Christmas Decoration

Image CC: Mollie Johanson

Festive decorations for our feathered friends!

Children and adults alike will get a real buzz out of making birdseed decorations for use outdoors. Simply Mix some birdseed into a suitable, warm fat and pour carefully into whatever shapes you like! Perfect as gifts as well as festive season decorations, when hung outside these are a great way to remember our feathered friends during the holidays!

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