Festive food waste: What to do with your leftovers?

When it’s too late to reheat or rehash, how can you make recycling easier?

From the Christmas food leftovers making your dining room table groan to the small mountain of burnt burgers and sausages remaining after a summer BBQ, we all face a common problem: what to do with our food waste?

The problem of what to do with your leftovers is a curiously modern issue. From the earliest times throwing out perfectly good food would have been considered not only foolish but positively immoral too. Thankfully, with 21st century thinking again embracing the idea of recycling being frugal with your food waste is back in vogue.

Turning the usual Christmas food leftovers into family meals for the rest of the holiday season is nothing new. Turkey curry, turkey sandwiches and turkey salad are a familiar sight on family meal tables in the festive season or following Thanksgiving in America. But what to do when your food waste is well past it’s best?

Sort & Go Food Waste BinSort & Go: Food waste recycling made simple

Brabantia’s new range of Sort & Go waste bins are the perfect answer to easily organising your home recycling, including your family’s food waste. Available in a relaxing mint, sunny yellow, sophisticated grey and contemporary white, these beautifully designed waste bins also come in several versatile sizes – giving you plenty of attractive options when using them in your kitchen. Robust and boasting a sturdy handle for accident free carrying you can trust our Sort & Go bins to give you great-looking, practical service for years.

The 6 litre Sort & Go waste bin is both small enough to fit next to your sink or on the draining board, whilst still being large enough to accommodate a family’s worth of food waste – ready for easy composting. While you may be concerned that food leftovers might present a problem in terms of unwanted smells or bacteria build up, using the 6 litre model makes a great deal of sense: the smaller size being perfect for ensuring that it is emptied regularly and can be washed out simply before it’s next use.

Brabantia sort and goWhy not colour-coordinate the remainder of your kitchen recycling needs? The larger 12 or 16 litre Sort & Go waste bins are ideal for keeping on top of your non-food waste recycling needs. They can even be attached to the wall to keep them securely out of the way, as well as making it easier to clean the floor.

We’re not only ones who are excited about the possibilities: Interior Designer Laura Thomas has some wonderful things to say about the Brabantia Sort & Go waste bins – To see why she describes our new range as “awesome” simply check out the review on her wonderful website here!

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