Top Colour Palettes of 2016

Contrasting colours and subtle shades have been the order of the day for 2016. But just what have been the ‘on trend’ colour schemes this year and what Technicolor tips can you use to brighten up your home or work space? We’ve been casting our eye over the latest thinking in interior design to provide you with just a taste of some of the cool (or, hot!) colour palettes which have been popular for interior design in 2016.

White is the new black

Rue No BlogElegant, sophisticated, simple.  In terms of interior design colour schemes, white and near white shades have moved into prominence in a big way this year. Just like the understated classic ‘little black dress’ the unadorned monotone simplicity of this clean, fresh colour serves as the perfect way to showcase what’s important. Used with complimenting tones and textures this is the ideal blank canvas. Think white is too stark or cold? 2016 has seen a resurgence of subtle off-white colours designed to lend a touch of warmth to any room while still leaving you with a bright, contemporary look!

Put some sunshine on your walls

Pantone Colour of the year 2016 - Laundry bagFrom understated parmesan tones to rich, deep golden hues, Yellow has taken off in a big way in 2016. Even that most regal of colours, Gold, has seen something of a comeback. When it comes to colour palettes nothing beats yellow for evoking a sense of brightness and cheer – a fact that doesn’t seem to have been lost on those folks with a finger on the pulse of interior design this year! Warm, buttery yellows effortless bring a sense of sunshine and optimism into a room and can be used virtually anywhere that needs a touch of ‘eternal summer’. For those who prefer something more modest, cooler muted yellow colour schemes still work very well without overwhelming the senses.

Tickled pink

pink-new-iconPink colour palettes have been enjoying a comeback amongst interior designers in 2016. Popular shades include delicate cameo, warm blush and ‘ballet shoe’ pinks – all of which have a distinctly retro feel to them. In terms of colour schemes, these work well when coupled with metallic tones – in particular brass or antique bronze. Pink has become a distinctly grown up, sophisticated and elegant colour choice for 2016!

What colour palettes are you loving in 2016? You know we are huge fans of #LoveColour here at Brabantia. For more colour inspiration click here. Have you got a tip or handy hint about colour schemes for living areas, bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms or anywhere else that needs a fresh look? Why not share your ideas in the comments section below?

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