7 Wonderfully warming autumn recipes

It’s no wonder that autumn is considered the start of ‘comfort food’ season. With an amazing selection of autumn fruits and vegetables fresh from the fields, you can create some truly sumptuous dishes for every occasion. What better way to entertain friends or feed your family with few autumn recipes to enjoy on a rainy day or banish the cold, dark nights!


Butternut squash soup with chilli & crème fraîche

An easy way to turn those autumn vegetables into a satisfying soup with just enough zing to chase away the chilly weather. Balanced with a dollop of smooth crème fraîche this is a perfect example of autumn food.

Autumn chestnut salad

Why not combine a family stroll through the woods with a little foraging? A few plump chestnuts, freshly fallen from the tree, are the key to preparing this sophisticated salad, complete with seasonal autumn vegetables.

Winter squash bowl

Brimming with fresh autumn vegetables and flavours this is a terrific way to serve up a treat for guests or your family. Served warm from the oven and served in the hollowed out squashes this is autumn food brimming with colour and taste!

Sherry apple pork chops

Pork and apple are a classic combination. The sweet flavour of the autumn fruit perfectly balancing the rich, savoury taste of the sizzling pork chops. A simple autumn recipe with very little preparation this is made extra special with a splash of sherry. Served with some appropriately seasonal autumn vegetables you have a true taste of the harvest.

tomato chutney

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Autumn tomato chutney

Preserves are traditional fare when it comes to autumn food – while modern refrigeration has removed the need to store autumn fruits and vegetables in this way they are still the perfect way to add a little zest to dishes and snacks. This mouth-watering olde-English chutney is an easy, one-pot autumn recipe.

Homemade apple crumble

Bought from the local shop or simply scooped up as windfall from the trees in your garden, apples are the quintessential autumn fruits. From sharp and tangy to sweet and juicy there’s a flavour to suit everyone – and what better way to enjoy apples than in this delicious homemade crumble.

Apple, pear & quince tarte tatin

A wonderful, fresh take on a French classic! Delicious pears and that king of the autumn fruits, the apple, combine to create a sweet treat that oozes satisfying comfort. Served warm, this is a surprisingly easy autumn recipe which will please everyone.

What are your favourite autumn recipes to serve to up family and friends? Do you have a few autumn food ideas which you’d like to share? We’d love to hear your ideas and feedback on new ways to cook and enjoy autumn fruits and vegetables!  Just leave your comments in the section below!

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