The 3 essential tips for indoor laundry drying

It’s one of those strange laws of nature: Autumn and winter herald the time of year when you and your family are wearing more clothes. Yet the cold, wet conditions outside mean you have less chance to use the washing line, just when you need it most!

But indoor laundry drying doesn’t have to be a chore. We’ve put together a few fab tips on the best indoor laundry drying methods, which will not only save you time, effort and money, but also leave your washing with a fantastic fresh, clean smell! They’ll also help save the planet too!

#1: Think green and ditch the tumble dryer!

hanging drying rackA wet laundry day often means that the job of drying clothes indoors falls to the tumble dryer. Whilst these are a great modern convenience they consume electricity at a frightening rate (just watch your electricity meter the next time you turn yours on!). Instead, why not take advantage of the energy you are already using to heat your home? Contemporary indoor airers, such as our Hanging Drying Rack, are not only space saving but designed to give you the very best indoor laundry drying experience. Easily fitted to almost any radiator these take full advantage of the money you are already spending on the central heating to dry those important laundry items.

#2: Don’t overload indoor airers

The key to success when drying clothes indoors is allowing space for air to circulate around individual items. Ensuring there is no overlap between clothes and other laundry items can be a problem if you are trying to cram a full load onto an indoor airer which is too small. Fortunately, our Tower Drying Rack is just the solution. With a huge 23 metres of flexible drying space this clever indoor laundry drying solution fits into just 1 metre square of floor space. Its clever construction not only allows you dry longer items, such as trousers, it also has flat platforms, ideal for airing delicate items too – and with enough space to ensure that your laundry gets plenty of air circulation.

#3: Think position when drying clothes indoors

woman drying clothes indoorsFact: Laundry dries quicker in warm, dry conditions. So although you might be tempted to pop your indoor airer somewhere out of the way, such as a garage or outbuilding, these may be a bad idea. Even clean washing left for long enough in cold, damp conditions can start to smell bad – even becoming musty or a potential home for mould. A bathroom may seem a better idea but not if baths and showers are producing lots of unhelpful steam.

Instead position your indoor airer either next to a radiator or somewhere with underfloor heating. Far from cluttering your home, you’ll find that indoor laundry drying becomes much more stylish, quicker and efficient! What’s not to love!

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