#LoveNature helps WeForest grow Africa’s Great Green Wall!

#LoveNature Helping WeForest

Early this year, to mark the launch of our #LoveNature campaign, we teamed up with international non-profit organisation WeForest. We wanted to encourage consumers to help save the planet and dry their washing naturally too! So for every Brabantia rotary dryer purchased we donate a tree.

Africa’s Great Green Wall

We have helped grow Africa’s Great Green Wall together with WeForest, who have celebrated planting its 10 millionth tree and the start of a new part of the wall in East-Gojjam, Ethiopia.

Africa's Great Green WallThis remote area is hot and dry for nine months of the year. It receives over 1,500mm of rain in the other three months. So our donated tree planting helps prevent both the blowing and washing away of fertile topsoil. Researchers at Oxford University have confirmed what we have long known: halting deforestation and replanting of forests is the most direct and effective way to combat global warming. Trees isolate carbon dioxide plus create clouds, meaning fewer greenhouse gases and more sun rays are radiated back into the atmosphere. 

Our project may even help to feed people because WeForest is also planting fruit and timber trees on farms. This will help to empower locals and lead to sustainable development. Initiatives such as honey production and fuel-efficient cooking stoves are also being established.

Our campaign objectives

Since the start of the campaign, WeForest has planted more than 680,000 Brabantia trees. This has exceeded our target of 500,000 set back in March. Working with you to protect and restore the world’s environment, we’ve set a goal to plant more than one million trees.Find out more information on our partnership with WeForest

Thank You for all your continued support!

On behalf of WeForest, the planet and the people, thanks again for supporting our project. To keep up-to-date with the running tree planting figure & the latest news – please visit our WeForest partner page.

Discover us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest – where we will be keeping you posted on this lovely project.  

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