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Always read the label: A simple guide to clothes washing and ironing symbols

Are you ignoring the danger signs when it comes to your laundry? Paying attention to the clothes washing symbols may seem like a bit of drag but, like that flashing red light on the car dashboard that you keep ignoring, eventually it’s going to lead to trouble (probably of the expensive kind!).

Stackable laundry boxesThe problem with washing symbols is that you may not know what all those little pictures actually mean – after all, no one gets an instruction book with a new dress, do they… So, we’ve decided to give you a simple idea of which clothes washing symbols you need to be on the lookout for and what to do when you see them.

Divide and conquer: Checking the washing symbols

Before we dive into the wonderful world of washing symbols let’s start at the very beginning: Separating the washing. Whilst the idea of sorting through that mammoth pile of dirty laundry may not fill you with glee, it’s a vital first step. Whites should always be washed separately from colours and, if possible, dark colours from lighter or more delicate fabrics.

To make things easier why not have different wash baskets for each type of dirty laundry? Our range of stackable laundry boxes are a space saving idea which could make your wash day much easier!

To wash or not to wash – that is the question: Basic Washing Symbols

Once you’ve separated the washing it’s time to check out those tricky washing symbols.

Washing Symbols Guide

Pressed for time: Ironing Symbols

You’ve successfully negotiated the maze of washing symbols but now you face a fresh clothes conundrum: Are your washed items safe to iron? The ironing symbols shown on all garments will tell you what you need to know.

Ironing Symbols Guide


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