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#LoveColour Design Insights with Alicia from Zen Interior Blog!

If you don’t know by now, we #LoveColour here at Brabantia! One of our favourite things is finding out how interior experts use colour in their homes, and what they make of our colourful range of products!

This week we spoke with Alicia Walters from Zen Interior Blog to chat all things colour!

When it’s time to refresh your home, what’s your favourite colour to play with?

I love neutral colours, the ‘true colour’ of materials are my favourite! I find neutrals very calming and peaceful. It’s important that my home is my sanctuary and helps me to rejuvenate after a long day and supports me in my lifestyle, so at home, I really don’t want too many colours stimulating me. Dark browns to very light beige feature in my home, with a sprinkle of gold!

Name a colour or hue that represents you! mustard interior

Wow, good question! I guess I would have to say yellow. Yellow represents creativity and enthusiasm for life. It can awaken greater confidence and optimism. That is me totally!

What’s your favourite in-style colour combination this season?

Even though I love my neutrals in my own home, I am loving yellow and peacock blue! I was recently in Atlanta, USA, and my friend who is also an interior designer created an awesome reading nook for one of her clients.  The textured wallpaper was emerald green and peacock blue with a super comfy bright yellow arm chair. The blue and green made it look quite regal, but the yellow added playfulness and fun. Reminded me of the rainforest!

Where do you tend to add a touch of colour in your home?

I’m a neutral queen but I must admit I’ve been thinking about sprucing up the kitchen with a nice bright mustard feature wall to hang out with some grey cabinetry!

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What’s the best way to be bold and bright whilst remaining super-stylish with colours?

TEXTURE TEXTURE TEXTURE! Even though my home is an explosion of neutrals textures feature a lot, I’m a big Claudio Silvestrin and John Pawson both of these gentle men love the “true” colour of materials and neutral tones. However, they make things look very interesting by making sure texture features a lot in their designs.

Also, I know feature walls are a little 2012-ish but I’m still a super fan of them when it comes to adding colour. Of course your accent pieces can also be used to introduce bold colours.

Get some colour! On the topic on fun and funky colours… what’s your favourite from our new collection of  bin colours?

I’m clearly Miss Contrary today, I’m going to go for your red bin. Loving the way it has been matched with terracotta walls, very good for the kitchen. Both colours make you hungry and stimulate your metabolism!

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