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#LoveColour Design Insights with Belgian interior decorator Clo Clo!

Dorothee Dubois

Credit: Dorothee Dubois

Welcome to this week’s edition of the Design Insights Interview. For this #LoveColour edition, we welcome Belgian interior decorator Anne-Catherine Gerets! With a blog (Clo Clo) focusing on stylish interior design and home creativity, we couldn’t wait to hear from her!

When it’s time to refresh your home, what’s your favourite colour to play with?

Well, I am currently planning on redecorating our home just a little bit. I will probably be working with soft pastel tones and greyish colours. Previously our home was decorated in a vintage style, but now I’m going for a lighter and fresher atmosphere. The colours I am thinking about are pink, blue and green, combined with some grey shades.

Name a colour or hue that represents you!

That’s a hard one! When I was younger I used to love the colour red. It was so bright, daring and full of life. I had a lot of things in red: a red-painted wall, red decoration, red clothes, even a red car! (laughs) But I have grown up and became calmer over the years. I think that it also reflects in my colour choices. Nowadays I guess that my favourite colour or hue would be pink: a soft, greyish, nude tone of pink. It fits with a lot of things and is girly, yet subtle.

What’s your fa

Clo Clo interior

Styling: Vtwonen

vourite in-style colour combination this season?

I know you have probably heard this one before, but I am a huge fan of the Pantone 2016 colours: Rose Quartz and Blue Serenity. They are just so beautiful and they go perfectly together. I can’t help it, but these two colours just make
me happy!

Where do you tend to add a touch of colour in your home?

It’s all about the details! I love to add a touch of colour in my decoration and accessories. There are quite some living and cooking items that used to be boring and unimportant. Nowadays they have become aesthetic pieces and true eye catchers! This means the options of adding colour to your home are endless and I love it.

What’s the best way to be bold and bright whilst remaining super-stylish with colours?

Styling Mooved

Styling: Mooved

You need to find the right balance while decorating. Start with a good foundation with white and grey tones. Next, add some furniture or large decoration pieces with subtle colour highlights. Finally, play with some eyecatching colours for your decoration and accessories. If after a while you’re a little tired of the way you decorated the place, you can start by change the decoration. That way you don’t have to redecorate everything again! Get some colour!

On the topic on fun and funky colours… what’s your favourite from our new collection of bin colours?

Without a doubt: Mineral Pink!


Quick fire round!

Shamelessly bold prints or intricate patterns?
– Intricate patterns

Complimenting or contrasting colour combinations?
– Complimenting colour combinations

Natural hues or bolshie brights?
– Natural hues

Bright and airy or cosy and atmospheric?
– Bright and airy

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Header image credit: Dorothee Dubois

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