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Make the most of summer: Dry clothes outdoors

brabantia topspinnerWhen it comes to airing clothes there’s simply no better option than using nature’s very own drying solution: the warm sun and a gentle breeze. Drying clothes outdoors has a host of positive benefits and with our range of smart airing solutions, you’ll be pleased to hear that you don’t need a huge outside space to take advantage of Mother Nature.

While fabric conditioners are great, nothing beats the aroma of materials aired outdoors – from blouses to bed linen, choosing to dry clothes outdoors gives them a fresh, clean smell which you can’t help but love. As well as being environmentally friendly it also saves you money: not having to run the tumble dryer for hours on end means smaller bills and a smaller carbon footprint – great for your bank balance and the planet.

Did you also know that outside drying can also make your whites stay whiter for longer? The sterilising UV rays in sunlight actually assist in bleaching out stains – brightening up those light items with a free sunshine boost!

But what happens if you don’t have the garden space for a washing line? No problem: our clever Wallfix airer and Lift-o-Matic rotary dryer provide the perfect solutions for enjoying all the natural benefits of drying clothes outside – minus the need for a permanent washing line!

Dry Clothes Outdoors - Brabantia WallfixEasy to install the Wallfix airer provides you with a generous 24 metres of taut, UV resistant line on which to hang your washing in the fresh air. Fixed to an outside wall it’s beautifully compact and designed to be operated easily with just one hand, folding away neatly in its own stay clean cover waiting for the next sunny day! It’s already proven a hit with our friends over at Gourmet Mum – Take a look at their video review of the Wallfix airer here.

For larger loads, our 40M Lift-o-Matic rotary dryer is perfect for getting the most out of limited space. With a substantial 40 metres of robust line this clever clothes drying concept, complete with special holes for clothes hangers, makes light work of even the heaviest wash day. Simple to adjust to your perfect working height the Lift-o-Matic’s sturdy arms rotate easily even when fully laden.

If you’re going to enjoy all the benefits of airing clothes outside then you’ll need something just as brilliant to transport your items to and from the washing line: so how about our terrific folding laundry basket? Large enough for a full load this handy, water-resistant fabric basket folds flat in seconds for easy storage. Guaranteed for 2 years its stylish, multifunctional minimalism has attracted some great reviews from those clever folks at Design Hunter.

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