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Laundry care tips for worry-free wash days!

We’re always delighted by the fabulous feedback we receive from readers of our regular blogs – not least of which are the handy hints and tops tips for laundry that you’re keen to share! So, to honour you – the unsung heroes of the weekly wash – we thought we’d put together a list of your best laundry care suggestions, including a few ideas about how our smart wash day accessories might make life in the laundry a little easier!

  • Brabantia Wash BagsTempting as it might be to cram everything you can into the washing machine, a little preparation and forethought will save you a world of washing woe: While separating whites from colours should be a no-brainer using wash bags to provide additional protection for small or delicate items is also a great laundry care idea. Special bra wash bags also help keep your most expensive underwear safe from the ravages of the washing machine – not to mention reducing the chance of underwires working loose to damage other clothes or even the machine itself!
  • Whilst most of us know the benefits of using fabric conditioner for easier ironing there are a few other clever laundry care tips for cleaner clothes: For example, half a cup of lemon juice or baking soda added to a white wash produces sparkling results the natural way! Half a lemon rubbed on clothes and left in the sun for 12 hours will also solve your mildew staining problems. Finally, adding a little white vinegar in the rinse cycle will, over time, return your towels to a ‘just bought’ thick and fluffy condition.
  • A simple laundry care trick to help keep your coloured items brighter for longer is to turn clothes inside out before washing, while you can easily avoid the common problem of smaller items getting trapped inside duvets by just ensuring the poppers are done up beforehand.
  • Brabantia Clothes HangersPutting shirts on clothes hangers and allowing them to dry naturally outside not only reduces creases it also saves money and is better for the environment! Once ironed you can help clothes stay wrinkle free with our range of soft touch clothes hangers! But it’s not just shirts which can benefit from a little gentle handling: our soft touch trouser hanger saves space and keeps your slacks in perfect condition. Don’t cramp our style certainly think so: just check out their review !
  • The final word in our list of tips for laundry care belongs to ironing: While you can’t go far wrong with one of our range of incredible ironing boards for the best results iron items while they are still slightly damp – the result will be just like our stay taut ironing board covers: ultra smooth!

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