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Have you heard about our new ‘Sort & Go’ recycling bins?

Laura Thomas LinensThere’s nothing we love more than finding out about how much our consumers use and love our products!  This week we’re loving the feedback from Laura Thomas on our space-saving and smart solution for separating, collecting and transporting waste.

Introducing our  Sort & Go Collection – 6, 12 and 16-litre bins in cool Mint, bright Yellow, fresh White, and chic Grey. Simply place the bin on the floor, in the cupboard or on a countertop –  and guess what, you can even hang them on the wall! Here’s what Laura thinks about the range:

“Known as ‘Sort & Go’ they come in 4 colours.  Black, White, Yellow and Blue.  I attached them to the wall, with an easy install kit that comes with the bins.  I love the fact they are off the ground.  It gives a much cleaner feel.  When emptying, the lid comes off and left is the main bucket to take off the wall and easily tip into the outside recycling bins for local collection.

They are awesome and most importantly, they’ve saved me time.  No more sorting!”

Sort & Go

(Photography | Helen Pugh for Laura Thomas Linens)

Wow, thanks Laura! Our Sort & Go Waste Separation Bins come with a 10-year guarantee too! Check out the range here!

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