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Design Insights Interview with Dutch lifestyle blogger, Wimke Tolsma!

We love chatting with nature-enthusiasts and interior design lovers in order to get their take on our products, campaigns, interior style and sustainable living! This week we spoke to lifestyle blogger Wimke Tolsma to talk all things nature!
How do you show your love of nature?Optimized-natural drying

Nature is very important. In our own way we try to do our best to care for it. We dry our laundry as much as we can outside, and we buy sustainable products as much as possible. We also have solar panels on our roof. We like to grab our bikes more often, but when it’s raining the car is usually more appealing!

Have you heard, we are launching a ’30 Day Drying Challenge’ called #LoveNature Pledge! Simply turn off the tumble dryer and go greener with air dried laundry using a rotary dryer or drying rack! Will you make a pledge to join us please?

Yes, I’ve heard about it! When I’m working I often use the tumble dryer, but when my holiday starts I will used my drying rack for 30 days… or longer! 😉

Every time you dry your laundry naturally you help to make a lasting difference. Do you have a top laundry tip to share? 

Have a oil-spot on your new shirt? Put a few drops of lemon juice on it and put it in the washing machine. Hang your shirt out to dry in the sun and your grease stain is gone!
natural laundry drying

When we style our homes it’s fun and relaxing to bring in a bit of nature too, what top styling tips do you recommend for bringing green in the home?

I love little vases with one or two flowers from the garden. You can place these vases anywhere in the house, the bathroom, the lounge, the kitchen. I am trying to plant a few avocado and a mango trees. The plants that come out are very pretty and it doesn’t cost a thing.

And finally, have you seen our Summer Collection? It’s simply bursting with nature-inspired must-have products! What item is on your must-have wish list?

That’s a simple one, the Sort & Go collection! It makes it very easy to separate your waste, and the yellow colour is perfect!

Check out her Wimke’s blog for more lifestyle inspiration! 

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