Hot and steamy! Check out our designer ironing board range!

Whether you’re a dedicated follower of fashion with a wardrobe full of famous labels or just looking for a cool ironing board to make light work of a pile of laundry, our new range of designer ironing boards is the perfect fit. Shapely, sturdy and conceived to make life easier we’re delighted to give you a taste of our beautiful new ironing board designs!

dragonfly-ironing-boardFirst up on our designer ironing board catwalk is the Dragonfly: a superb choice for quick and comfortable ironing this model features an attractive 100% cotton cover, allowing your iron to skim easily across even the most difficult of fabrics – just like a dragonfly flying over the still surface of a pond. Easily adjustable to your perfect working height this designer ironing board comes in a variety of sizes for a made to measure ironing experience!

Our Cotton Flower range is both practical and stylishly chic. If you’re looking for a cool ironing board then nothing says relaxed more than this calm and simple blue and white print. Our special cord binder and stretch system ensures that your ironing surface is always taut, while the resilient foam underlay means you won’t get hot under the collar about even the most difficult ironing problems. A sturdy frame and robust non-slip caps also guarantee that there’ll be no diva-like performance issues!

butterflies-ironing-boardThe Butterflies designer ironing board has all the high-quality features you need to simply float through a pile of crumpled laundry: lightweight, stable and with a 100% steam permeable cotton cover this cool ironing board will help you simply flutter through washday. Dreamy pastel blue shades show off the beautifully delicate butterfly design – but don’t worry: there’s nothing delicate about this designer ironing board’s ability to handle even your trickiest steam pressing problems!

Traditionally associated with relaxation our Lavender range takes its inspiration from the associated purples of this well-known summer flower. With its stay smooth ironing surface and foam underlay, this is one of our favourite ironing board designs – making for an attractive and practical ironing surface. As with all of our designer ironing boards you easily and quickly adjust the height to your preferred level, while our clever child proof locking system prevents any chance of your ironing board collapsing accidentally – a bonus for parents and any little laundry day helpers!

Leaf Clover Designer Ironing BoardFinally, the Leaf Clover: a designer ironing board which doesn’t need luck to pass your toughest test! Decorated with a four leaf clover pattern in natural green shades this is one ironing accessory which is never going to go out of fashion with your most important clothes. This is one cool ironing board suitable for your all season collection!

You can check out our full range of ironing boards here. If you are looking for a bargain, then why not check out this Brabantia ironing board sale post on our blog!

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