Make a clean sweep with Brabantia’s brilliant laundry tips

Brabantia - Laundry tipsWhen it comes to keeping your washing super organised and looking swish, our range of smart, stylish laundry accessories deliver a cut and dried solution!

From our smart mesh wash bags to clever clothes hangers and protector bags Brabantia has a range of bright ideas to keep your clothes in the best condition.

So don’t get in a spin – grab your detergent, put a peg over your nose and let’s dive into that family wash basket and show it who the boss around here is!

Wash Bags – Avoid the terror of discovering that your beautiful (& costly) delicates have been chewed up in the wash cycle by using our protective mesh wash bags. Keep small items together and safe from harm using one of the two smaller bags provided or use the larger mesh bag for bigger delicates.

Bra Wash Bag – We don’t need to tell you how much a nice bra costs – so why not avoid your washing machine waging war against your underwear drawer with these specialist mesh wash bags? Bearing in mind that wayward bra underwires are also a frequent cause of damage to washing machines and these might save you a tidy sum in repair costs too!Brabantia - Laundry tips

Clothes Lines – How can we possibly improve on perhaps the most essential of laundry accessories – the washing line? Easy: try 12 metres of robust, non-slip joy with a UV resistant construction and no knotting needed. This washing line won’t leave you strung out!

Premium Clothes Peg Bag – Take a laundry tip from us: Keep your friends close, keep your pegs closer… Available in black, mint or blue and able to hold up to 150 assorted pegs this smart, stylish little number will keep them close to hand, clean and dry – whatever the weather!

Smart Clothes Pegs – Not all pegs are created equal. 100% plastic construction means there’s no chance of rust stains. With 8 in a set and a choice of mint or yellow, they’re the laundry accessories essential you can’t be without!

Soft Touch Clothes Hangers  Brabantia’s soft touch clothes hangers not only give you the space-saving advantage of being able to hang up 4 trousers or skirts easily in the same space, they’re also coated in a luxurious non-stick fabric for handling your clothing with kid gloves.

Brabantia - Laundry tipsClothes Protector Bags – What better way to keep your laundry looking good than our clothes protector bags? Proof against dust and any errant fabric munching moths these great looking laundry accessories are available in a range of sizes to keep your attire safe, easy to store and looking freshly washed right up until the moment you want to wear them.


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