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7 Top Tips On How To Organise Your Wardrobe!

Have you always dreamt of creating a super-organised but uber-cool wardrobe space? Do you need help to magically clear up piles of clutter in your wardrobe? Well, we are here to help you conquer, organise and love your wardrobe! So here are some tips and tricks on some of the best ways you can store in style!

1. Find the Perfect Hangers

Well of course, our Brabantia Soft Touch Clothes Hangers are the perfect place to start… These are versatile with non-skid fabric coating meaning your clothes stay in place, reducing the fallen clothes pile. You can also hang them easily on any rod, towel bar, or door with their swivelling hook, to fit perfectly inside your closet or on the door for when you have that all important outfit decision to make. What’s not to love!

Organise your wardrobe - Brabantia

2. Organise your accessories

Next we have a wardrobe must-have for the fabulous fashion victim! Keeping all your accessories organised lets you easily grab them in a rush, keeps them super-organised and saves space too! Brabantia’s smart hanger has special holes and hooks to organize belts, ties, necklaces and scarves. A joy!

Organise your wardrobe - Brabantia

3. Storage, Storage, Storage!

It’s always important to create as much storage as you can, that’s why our Stackable Laundry Boxes are simply perfect! They can be used to stylishly organised your clothes and shoes or they can separate your coloured and whites to keep clothes from ending up in unexpected (and unwanted) hues! Why not try grouping sturdy fabrics like denim and woven cottons into separate piles to stop them damaging soft fabrics too?


*Laundry Tip*  If your blouse or dress has a few wrinkles, hang it in the bathroom while you take a shower. The Steam will make the creases fall out!

4. Label Absolutely Everything

Why not try labelling your storage, it’s the perfect way to quickly find items without hunting around your whole wardrobe? Make sure all your boxes and sections in your wardrobe are clearly labelled to save time and impress others with your super-organisational skills. Once you get into the habit of putting things back in the right place after using them organising will become a breeze.

5. Categorise All Your Clothing Items

Categorise! Keeping your clothes in an organised manner is essential to de-clutter! Make sure you go through all your old clothes, throw away any unwanted items then place remaining clothes into categories. These could be Jeans, Skirts, Tops or even colour co-ordinated! This just saves time when you come to find your perfect outfit in the morning.

Brabantia Trouser Hanger

6. Have Top Protection For Your Clothes

We all have those extra-special items in our wardrobe, so make sure you protect them! Brabantia’s Protective Clothes Covers are the perfect fit. The soft-touch transparent zipper bags protect the fanciest suits and coats from dust and moths. You can also see the clothes through the bag so they won’t be overlooked and forgotten. What more could you want?

Organise your wardrobe - Brabantia

7. Fold All Your Clothes With Ease

We really have a magic solution for your folding problems… a Laundry Folding board! It is the perfect aid to quickly and neatly fold shirts, t-shirts and sweaters. How? The board has step-by-step instructions on the front and the back. And when your wardrobe is neatly organized, hang the board in your cupboard on its extra large hook. Now there is no excuse for not having perfectly folded clothes!

organise your wardrobe - Brabantia

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