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#LoveNature Design Insights Interview – Blogger Megan Wild #LoveNaturePledge

For this week’s Design Insights we have catched up with the fab Megan Wild the creator of Your Wild Home. She shares her support for our #LDesign Insights oveNatureCampaign – so  let’s dive into her blogging world for exciting upcoming projects, laundry top tips and tricks… and plenty of #LoveNature inspiration.

How do you show your love of nature?

Nature is a huge inspiration for me, so I show my love in a variety of ways. First of all, I’m fairly active so I like to walk to the market to get locally-sourced food, which creates less of an impact than grocery store foods. Through weekend meal planning, I make sure to use all of the food that I purchase so I’m not wasteful. I generally don’t purchase an item unless it’s in a recyclable container, so you could say I’m focused on recycling.

Have you heard, we are launching a ’30 Day Drying Challenge’ called #LoveNature Pledge?  Simply turn off the tumble dryer and go greener with air dried laundry using a rotary dryer or drying rack! Will you make a pledge to join us please?

I hadn’t heard of it previously, but I would love to take part in the challenge! I have used a drying rack for a long time now. My family has always opted to air dry in the warmer months to reduce energy costs, so it’s also a benefit that doing so is way better for the environment!

Design Insights Every time you dry your laundry naturally you help to make a lasting difference. Do you have a top laundry tip to share? 

If you are drying your clothing outside make sure to check the forecast. Direct sunlight is great until it fades your clothing!

When we style our homes it’s fun and relaxing to bring in a bit of nature too, what top styling tips do you recommend for bringing green in the home?

As a notorious plant killer, I am hesitant to bring any greenery into my home. But when I do, I typically stick with succulents since they only require minimal water and some sunlight. Plus you can get a few small varieties and test them out around your home. Some of the most popular types are Sedum, Aloe, and Agave.

Have you worked with Pantone’s Spring 2016 ‘Green Flash’ hue yet?  Representative of nature’s persistent influence in urban environments, is it a hit or miss for you?

I haven’t worked with ‘Green Flash’ yet, but my initial thoughts are that it’s a great Spring colour! It reminds me of a new and thriving plant, and would be the perfect addition to a room to brighten it up or serve well as an accent.

What project are you super-excited about working on this year?

I am working on upcycling a few small pieces to add to my home as small furnishings. This will include sanding, refinishing, and reupholstering some pieces over the course of the Spring/Summer months.Design Insights

And finally, have you seen our latest Spring Summer Collection? It’s simply bursting with nature-inspired must-have products!  What item is on your must-have wish list?

I certainly have! The clear containers with teal lids are at the top of my list! I love the bright colour that draws your eye in and how easily you can stack and store them.

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