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New #LoveNature Design Insights – Creator of Mon Bebe a Bruxelles!

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In this week’s edition of our #LoveNature Design Insights Interview, we’re excited to welcome ultra-talented lifestyle blogger and creator of Mon Bebe a Bruxelles! Not only does she have a passion for all things nature, she’s joined the #LoveNaturePledge!

How do you show your love of nature? 

Protecting environment is very important to me and I try to participate in many ways. For instance, whenever possible I try to give a second life to furniture. Very often we see very nice pieces on the street and with a little bit of creativity, we can turn those into very nice things. I recycle carton, glass and other on a regular basis. I made similar choices in my professional life. Three years ago, I quit my job in the banking sector to work in the renewable sector. I am now responsible for the development and financing of new offshore wind parks in Europe. My next step? Trying to leave the car in the garage as often as possible.  I plan to purchase a bike to go here and there with my son. He is 2years old and I am sure, he will find it exciting!

Have you heard, we are launching a ’30 Day Drying Challenge’ called #LoveNature Pledge?  Simply turn off the tumble dryer and go greener with air dried laundry using a rotary dryer or drying rack! Will you make a pledge to join us please?

I will be happy to join the challenge. This will be an easy one for me as I have already the habit NOT to use a dryer. I grew up in France, and my mum was Always drying the laundry on a rack inside or outside when the sun was shining. Better for the environment and my clothes as well.

Every time you dry your laundry naturally you help to make a lasting difference. Do you have a top laundry tip to share? 

I try to set my washing machine as low as possible for colors and clothes that are not too dirty. This is not always possible with a young kid and for white clothes or sheets. I sometimes pre-wash some items to avoid to clean them at 90 degrees.

When we style our homes it’s fun and relaxing to bring in a bit of nature too, what top styling tips do you recommend for bringing green in the home?

I am currently moving to a new house. The first thing that I brought was my plants. It is important to me to recreate the outside inside the house as well. It is important to have a house where the entire family feels well. I have also a little garden in the front of the house, not really well maintained. But I want to have it nice to allow my son to play with grass and flowers.
Design Insights
Have you worked with Pantone’s Spring 2016 ‘Green Flash’ hue yet?  Representative of nature’s persistent influence in urban environments, is it a hit or miss for you? 

I am familiar with the Pantone 2016 and opted for the Rose Quartz and the Limpet Shell for my house. See my Instagram account for reference or Twitter. I am not sure that I would go for the Green Flash for the walls but some small elements could be nice to combine with the chosen Pantone colors.

What project are you super-excited about working on this year?

Well, I think that 2016 will be dedicated to well-being at home. This is now taking all my energy and excitement. With the good days coming, we want to enjoy our house very soon. We cannot wait!

And finally, have you seen our latest Spring Summer Collection? It’s simply bursting with nature-inspired must-have products!  What item is on your must-have wish list?

 With no hesitation:  your Mineral Pink Bin!  Push Bin or Flip Bin, a must for my kitchen 🙂

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