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#LoveNature Design Insights Interview – Mummy Vs Work!


MummyVsWorkToday we have teamed up with the super-talented blogger Paula from Mummy Vs Work to make the #LoveNaturePledge and chat all things #LoveNature!

How do you show your love of nature? 

The kids school is very eco-friendly and they encourage less waste and more recycling so at home we are making sure we recycle what we can to reduce our waste but not just with our rubbish but also with our food. This year we are making a conscious effort to reduce our waste, not only to cut the amount of rubbish but also to save on our food bill. So we are meal planning and then using up leftovers in things such as curries and soups.

Have you heard, we are launching a ’30 Day Drying Challenge’ called #LoveNature Pledge?  Simply turn off the tumble dryer and go greener with air dried laundry using a rotary dryer or drying rack! Will you make a pledge to join Brabantia WallFixus please?

I hadn’t heard but with the warmer weather here we will be joining in! We have the Brabantia  WallFix dryer which we bought when we first moved into our home – it’s perfect
for those short on space but holds two loads of washing a time!

Every time you dry your laundry naturally you help to make a lasting difference. Do you have a top laundry tip to share? 

We always wash our clothes on 30 degrees but also when I know the weather is going to be nice I make sure I get up a little earlier to get a load of washing done and out on the line before I leave for work, then it is dry and ready for ironing when I get home.

When we style our homes it’s fun and relaxing to bring in a bit of nature too, what top styling tips do you recommend for bringing green in the home?

If you are like me and awful at keeping plants alive stick to cactus and succulents! The one thing I can keep alive though and is actually not only a bit of greenery is herbs! Great for brightening up the home but also perfect for adding flavour to your dishes.

Have you worked with Pantone’s Spring 2016 ‘Green Flash’ hue yet?  Representative of nature’s persistent influence in urban environments, is it a hit or miss for you? 

It’s a miss for me! I tend to stick to neutral plain colours as being 5ft 9 I try to blend in not stand out!

What project are you super-excited about working on this year?

This yeDesign Insightsar is turning out to be a busy year! I’m looking forward to getting back into blogging and sharing money saving ideas and recipes for people to be able to cook good food at home but at the same time as that I’ve just launched my freelance social media business, Pink Kandi Media, so I’m busy getting that up and running in the hope that I can start working more from home and spend more time with my two little ones and hubby 🙂

And finally, have you seen our latest Spring Summer Collection? It’s simply bursting with nature-inspired must-have products!  What item is on your must-have wish list?
Wow, that’s a tough one! I love all the bright coloured kitchen accessories but I think my one must-have would be the dragonfly ironing table! I love the design on that one.

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Help us make the world more beautiful today, and for generations to come. If you are taking part in our 30 Day Drying Challenge, please do share your images and top tips using the hashtag: #LoveNaturePledge

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