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#LoveNature Design Insights Interview – Urban Jungle Bloggers #LoveNaturePledge

Igor (Happy Interior Blog) and Judith (

We’re super-proud of our #LoveNature campaign – our pledge to plant one tree for every Brabantia Rotary Dryer sold. We collaborated with the fab Urban Jungle Bloggers team last year and it was a huge success! And the good news is that this year they are supporting us again! Let’s hear from the team to find out why they feel it’s important to continue to support #LoveNature again this year?

UJB: We were super excited to be part of Brabantia’s #LoveNature campaign last year and we are certainly looking forward to collaborate again this year. Why? Because we feel this campaign resonates with our belief that nature is precious and that we need to pay attention to preserving our nature. We also believe that inviting nature to our urban lifestyle enhances our lives – our health, our efficiency and our overall happiness. And what can be nicer than planting a new tree and making our world a bit greener?


So… we’ve heard on the grapevine that you have just finished editing your latest book!  Do we get a sneak peek…?!

UJB: Yes that is certainly very fresh news. In fact we just finished all images and the copy and the book is now going into layouting and final editing. The Urban Jungle Book will launch in September 2016 in both English and German and it will highlight living and styling with plants. We can’t wait to share it with you this autumn!

When we style our homes it’s fun and relaxing to embrace and bring in the urban jungle, what top styling tips do you recommend for bringing a ‘dash of green’ in the home?

UJB: We always recommend to choose plants according to your lifestyle. There is something for everyone out there. Even for those notorious globetrotters out there – there are plants which require an absolute minimum of care and attention. People tend to be insecure about choosing plants and starting their own urban jungle which is why we dedicated an entire chapter in the book to this question exactly!


We are launching a 30 Day Drying Challenge called #LoveNaturePledge.  Simply turn off the tumble dryer and go greener with air dried laundry using a rotary dryer or drying rack! Will you make a pledge to join us please?

UJB: Of course we will! Certainly if we know that a tree will be planted for that pledge! We know that urban living in particular puts some constraints on natural living, but sometimes it is as easy as using a drying rack in your apartment – and wait, we think the higher level of humidity in the air is also beneficial to many houseplants. Double benefit!


Urban Jungle Bloggers

Photo credit: Evrgreen & Urban Jungle Bloggers

Later on this month the Urban Jungle Bloggers team are going to be doing a ‘#LoveNature Insta Takeover’ for us at Brabantia (we are super-excited!).  What inspiration can we expect to see?

UJB: We will stay true to our Urban Jungle Bloggers identity. Expect lots of inspiration how you can make your everyday life greener and expect lots of green plant goodness!


And finally, have you seen our latest Spring Summer Collection? It’s simply bursting with nature-inspired must-have products!  What item is on your must-have wish list?

Sort and Go Waste BinsUJB: Igor: I am in love with the cheerful kitchenware in blue and yellow!

Judith: The yellow and mint Sort & Go waste bins are my favorites: they’re functional and look great too!



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