Spring cleaning tips to clear your way into 2016!

Stackable laundry boxes
It’s a new year and time to dust off your cleaning products to detox and de-clutter your home. Here are some spring cleaning tips and tricks to get your home clean and organised in preparation for the exciting year ahead!

Get Organised! 

STACK IT, SORT IT, WASH IT, with our Stackable Laundry Boxes. They are perfect for organising that ever-lasting laundry pile. As the boxes are stackable they are super space-saving and the bright colours look beautiful. Why not try using these to place folded clothes as added storage, to keep any room in your home ultra spic and span!

Stackable glass canisters



Stylish Kitchen Storage.

One room that is always hard to keep organised in our busy lives is the kitchen. This is where our Stackable Glass Canisters can work a treat for your new organised home. Not only are you able to see the contents at a glance but they are also space efficient. This stylish storage option is perfect for storing pasta, rice, flour, sugar, etc. Alternatively, why not try using them in any room to store, arts and crafts or bathroom essentials in style?


Out With The Old In With The New.

The new year is also a good time for a massive clear out! Tackle the wardrobe first and try organising all your clothes into four piles. The first pile is for items that must stay! The second pile is clothes for charity, the third pile is for items to throw and the fourth pile should contain items that are a ‘maybe’. This way you can speedily clear out clothing efficiently. One bonus is there will now be room for an overdue shopping trip!


Trash In Style.FlipBin

Make sure when you are clearing out all the old that you throw away in style. The perfect addition to any room in your home is our beautiful FlipBins. They come in various fab colours in a soft Mineral Pink (think Colour of the Year!) with a Red rim, bring light to your life with White with a Yellow rim, or flip to a calm mood in Anthracite with a Blue trimming. There’s a warm Red FlipBin, a fresh Mineral Mint and a pure Matt Steel one too that can lift and brighten up any room.Tasty Tools Collection


Colour Your Mood.

Colours are statistically shown to increase your mood levels so make sure your rooms are the right colour to the new year. The kitchen is suggested to be warm and vivid colours like red, burnt oranges. They create a fiery and warm ambience whilst you’re cooking away and sending time with loved ones. Why don’t you add a dash of colour to your kitchen using our Tasty Tools Collection? They are full of bold, bright and beautiful colours to add that colour
boost you need!


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