Design Insights Interview: Ultra-talented Stylist Sophie Pillen! #LoveToGive Edition!

Styling on set, photographer: David Dumon

Styling on set, photographer: David Dumon

Time for another Design Insights Interview – #LoveToGive edition!  This week we chatted to the ultra-talented and creative stylist Sophie Pillen for you! Let’s get an insight into her world!

What are your top tips for easily adding a dash of festive fun to your home? Decorate your home with simple objects and create several still lifes. Combine objects that differ in size, colors or material. Try to mix old and new. Mix square and round objects. Always look for the contrast that still matches. But always keep it simple. Remember that less is more. A tall modern colored vase with just one flower or simply one decorative branch, a piece of white coral placed under glass, and a metal decorative object.

Create a still life by combining a few different glass bottles in several shades of green or transparent brown. Make sure they differ in size, in style and put flowers in them. Make mini still lifes on the table, to accentuate the atmosphere of the dinner. Don’t forget to include fun items, to add an emotional component and a bit of humor: a vintage toy, a figurine. Pick an item you use daily and put it under glass – it immediately becomes an eye catcher.Misty Sunday Morning


The favorite festive spot in your home? Our red high Fritz Hansen stool in the kitchen is everyone’s favorite, including our cats! It’s probably the most used chair in the house. Our kitchen is the place where we all meet, relax, talk and have a drink while preparing dinner. It’s the meeting point before sit at the dining table.


What’s your must-have stocking filler from our Love to Give Collection? This is a difficult one! All the items in pink and mint are really nice! The pink/pizza cake knife looks absolutely yummy. The mint retro bin looks very stylish. The present with a high “Big Bang theory” factor is the mint (colored) folding shelf. Perfect for a pile of scary perfectly folded shirts…

Styling on set

Styling on set, Photographer: Stefanie Geerts

The best (most surprising!) festive dish you’ll be serving to friends and family this year? This year, we are visiting lots of friends. So there will be less festive cooking this year at our house. But we made an edible gift: a jar of homemade Piccadilly and a bottle of homemade ketchup. The best you’ve ever tasted! Everyone in the family pitches in to help prepare them: A lot of chopping, cooking, writing the labels with a vintage Dymo label writer… It is an assembly line in the kitchen.

What’s on your must-read festive reading list this year? At the moment, I’m reading “Hollow City”, written by Ransom Riggs. It’s a sequel to “Miss Peregrine’s home for peculiar children”. It is a fantasy story, a bit dark, but light to read. Ideal for the holidays.

Sophie Pillen Styling on set

quick fire

Giving or receiving? Giving

Festive wrap or minimalist? Minimalist but yet festive wrapping

Tinsel or handmade? Handmade

Mulled wine or Prosecco? Prosecco


Thanks so much to Sophie Pillen for her #LoveToGive insights! Let Sophie inspire you by following her Facebook page!

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