Design Insights Interview: Super-creative blogger Annelies Vermeulen! #LoveToGive Edition!

Annelies VermeulenWe’re truly excited to welcome super-talented lifestyle Blogger Annelies Vermeulen from Allihoppa to this week’s #LoveToGive edition of our Design Insights Interview! She is the queen of creative crafts, with a blog bursting full of D.I.Y inspiration! Let’s gain an insight into her world:

What are your top tips for easily adding a dash of festive fun to your home? Festive fun can easily be added by something handmade. I love to make stuff for my home. A crocheted blanket for instance or a paper garland. Something handmade is always unique and brightens up your home. Don’t like to make something yourself? You can always buy handmade stuff on Etsy. 

A favourite festive spot in your home (i.e. chair by wood burner / kitchen table with friends etc)? I love our large dining table. It’s huge and ten people can easily sit at it. It’s great for family dinners or dinners with friends, and I can even leave plants and flowers on the table without having to remove them for space. 

What’s your must-have stocking filler from our Love to Give Collection? I love everything because it’s so colourful, but I own a universal knife and it’s Large Awonderful. It’s sharp and colorful.

The best (most surprising!) festive dish you’ll be serving to friends and family this year? How can I tell this when it’s a surprise? Okay, you have to keep it a secret. We want to make a very nice lemon/fennel risotto. It’s actually a recipe by another blogger Ikbenirisniet.

What’s on your must-read festive reading list this year? I’m not sure this is a very festive book (quite sure it isn’t), but I’m reading Purity by Jonathan Franzen right now and it’s a great book. Also a very large book.

Craft Plant Pot

Quick-fire round:

– Giving or receiving? Definitely giving. I’m always so excited to give. I can hardly wait for the appropriate day.

– Festive wrap or minimalist? Festive!

– Tinsel or handmade? Handmade of course!

– Mulled wine or Prosecco? Prosecco. 

Thanks so much to Annelies Vermeulen for her #LoveToGive insights! Let Annelies inspire you by following her on Twitter or Pinterest!

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