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Design Insights Interview: Super-stylish Elske Leenstra – #LoveColour Edition!

Elske Leenstra

It’s time for another Design Insights Interview – #LoveColour edition! This week, we’re super-excited to welcome Elske Leenstra, an ultra-talented designer and creator of beautifully colourful graphic design prints and posters. Elske is dedicated to creating ‘design with love to put a smile on your face!’ – let’s gain an insight into her world:

As a dedicated colour lover, which hue do you feel represents your super-cool style? The soft hues fit me the best at the moment, especially pretty pastels like the colour mint. They’ve just delivered my new fridge for our new kitchen, and it’s a very beautiful one – mint!

Are you a fan of dreamy pastel hues or a lover of all things bright and bold? I’m a fan of dreamy pastels, they combine easily with other materials and colours but I like a little accent here and there in a bright colour too!

Which eye-catching colour combinations would you pick to restyle an interior this season? I would pick a fresh colour pallet consisting of a white base with a few pastels, like soft pink and mint, with a bit of bright yellow and blue. And maybe with some wooden accents and a touch of black so it won’t be to soft.

What are your must-know top tips for easily adding a dash of colour to the home? Flowers! Add a vase of beautiful flowers and your home has the perfect colourful accent it needs. You could never go wrong with flowers! And they smell good too.

    Elske KalenderElske Zonnebloemen

We’re all about hot future colour trends! Can you predict 2016’s colour of the year? Hard question! I think blue, – the cobalt blue hue is a good contender for colour of the year. Or a yellow hue, I love a hint of yellow.

Talking of beautiful colourways, have you seen our stylish FlipBin collection? Which hue do you love? Oh yes, they’re very cool! The mineral pink one with the little red accent is my favourite.

Screen Shot 2015-07-31 at 10.20.15

Classic monochrome or bright colours? Bright colours

Pretty patterns or minimalist design? Minimalist design

Cool geometric or eye-catching florals? Cool geometric

Funky textures or smooth and soft? Smooth and soft

Thanks so much to Elske for her super-stylish colourful insights! For more of her bold and beautiful inspiration, give her a follow on Facebook, TwitterPinterest, and of course Instagram!

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