Design Insights Interview: Eliza from Ergenstussenin! #LoveColour Edition!

It’s time for another #LoveColour inspired Design Insights Interview and this week we’re super-excited to welcome back Eliza from the ever-so-stylish interior and lifestyle blog Ergenstussenin! A true colour fanatic with a love of muted hues, Eliza shares with us her truly inspirational colour insights:

As a dedicated colour lover, which hue do you feel represents your super-cool Ergenstussenin Blogstyle? I think all variations of white are definitely what I like most. Often white is not seen as a colour, but I think it’s a very important one. White brings peace and tranquility. It represents purity and innocence and it contains an equal balance of all colours. I’m convinced there’s a white for everyone and every interior.  

Are you a fan of dreamy pastel hues or a lover of all things bright and bold? Pastel, for sure. In life I’m also moderate, I don’t like extremes. Pastels just seem to fit me and my style better than bold and contrasting colours. 

Which eye-catching colour combinations would you pick to restyle an interior this season? I think this fall and winter, grey will be as present as ever. You will find a palette of winter morning greys from very dark to very light everywhere. These greys can be mixed with warm shades of pink, white and grizzled blues. With grey shades you can really create a wonderful palette. Even greys that tend to clash a bit go really well together, the pastels and whites make it less heavy.

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What are your must-know top tips for easily adding a dash of colour to the home? I always try to start from a clean base: a lot of white, wooden floors, solid neutral furniture… I add colour by adding accessories. These objects can easily be replaced, so you can effortlessly change your interior to the present season or the mood you’re in. Things like pillows, plaids, posters and vases are perfect to add pops of colour. In addition greenery, flowers and plants also are the perfect way to add seasonal colours into your home.

We’re all about hot future colour trends! Can you predict 2016’s colour of the year? People are looking for personality and creativity, a kind of uniqueness. These trends will also show in our colour preferences. Firstly pastels will stay hot, but they will all have a more ‘greyish’ or ‘washed’ look. Green will also play an important role in our homes. Sometimes very deep and rich, sometimes just as a minty haze. White and grey will complement each other to form the perfect base. 

Talking of beautiful colourways, have you seen our stylish FlipBin collection? Which hue do you love? That’s a tough one! The bins represent a whole lot of colour groups I love. I think I would like the Anthracite one in our bathroom, the Metallic Mint bin in our office and the Mineral Pink one would fit our living room perfectly! 


Screen Shot 2015-07-31 at 10.20.15

Classic monochrome or bright colours? Classic monochrome please!  

Pretty patterns or minimalist design? A mix of both.  

Cool geometric or eye-catching florals? Cool geometric.  

Funky textures or smooth and soft? Smooth and soft will be the new black!  

A super-big thank you to Eliza for sharing her colour insights! For daily inspiration, give her a follow in Pinterest, Instagram and don’t forget to keep up with her on Twitter and Facebook too!

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