Design Insights Interview: Colour-loving stylist, Clare Nicolson! #LoveColour edition!

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With this week’s launch of our #LoveColour campaign, we thought we’d speak to someone just as in love with colour as we are! We’re excited to welcome super-talented colour-loving stylist, Clare Nicolson, for this week’s #LoveColour edition of the Design Insights Interview! Clare’s love for bold as well as soft colour is evident in her styling as well as with her very own homeware brand! Let’s take a look at her bright, beautiful world:

First things first, tell us a little bit about your story! I got started in styling when I created product and promo shots for my textiles and prints. I would also style and create displays for my shop which I ran back in Glasgow a few years ago. I learned that styling was something that I enjoyed and wanted to explore and develop my skill for it.

I assisted other stylists and photographers for a while after moving to London and now I’m lucky enough to style shoots for some really fun and exciting clients!

As a dedicated colour lover, which hue do you feel represents your super-cool style? My favourite colour changes all the time! Right now I’m in love with peach and mustard yellow hues.

Are you a fan of dreamy pastel hues or a lover of all things bright and bold? I do love a bright and bold colour palette but my heart will always belong to pastels. There’s something so pleasing about a good mix of chalky, muted pastels.

Clare Nicolson  Clare Nicolson

Which eye-catching colour combinations would you pick to restyle an interior this season? I’ve been using a lot of copper and soft peachy pinks lately. These colours also look great when you team them up with lots of green plants in metallic and terracotta planters. 

What are your must-know top tips for easily adding a dash of colour to the home? Textiles are always a quick and easy way to add colour to a room. Some patterned or bright coloured cushions, throws, rugs will add interest to any space. 

Clare Nicolson  Clare Nicolson

We’re all about hot future colour trends! Can you predict 2016’s colour of the year? I’d love it to be a yellow. A deep mustard yellow or maybe chartreuse. 

Talking of beautiful colourways, have you seen our stylish FlipBin collection? Which hue do you love? Mineral Pink has to be my favourite! Throwing out the rubbish has never looked so pretty. 


                                                       quick-fire round

Classic monochrome or bright colours? Bright colours

Pretty patterns or minimalist design? Minimalist design

Cool geometric or eye-catching florals? Cool geometric

Funky textures or smooth and soft? Smooth and soft

A big thanks to clare for her fab colour-style insights! To keep up with Clare, visit her blog or follow her on twitter @clarenicolson. You can also check our the Clare Nicolson line here, for gorgeous prints, textiles and home accessories!

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