Inspirational food that blends taste, colour and style!

Cooking isn’t always fun. But why can’t it be? Here at Brabantia we take pride in the beautiful and the practical, which is also how we love our food! We’ve put together our favourite inspirational food recipes we want to share with you. From beautiful styling to innovative serving ideas, you’re bound to find something that inspires you to head to the kitchen!

Tropical PapayaTropical Papaya Boats

Struggling to get your five-a-day? Bored of the same old? How about these Tropical Papaya Boats from Minimalist Baker to make getting your daily nutrients more exciting? Scoop out the seeds and you’re left with with a refreshing fruit bowl which you can use to fill up with whatever you wish! Fill it with seeds, nuts and yogurt for a healthy breakfast or with ice-cream and fruit for an impressive dessert! If you’re feeling less adventurous or can’t get hold of Papaya, there’s plenty of other large fruits you could use – check out these watermelon salad bowls.


Fresh Tuna Fish Tacos with Adobo Crema & Red Cabbage SlawTuna tacos

When you think of tacos, you don’t usually think of tuna, so this recipe for Tuna Tacos (She Eats) makes for a unique way to enjoy fish. The colourful variety of ingredients means these tacos are gorgeous to look at, making them a must for impressing your dinner party guests! Change around with fillings to make your perfect taco! You could also use the same fillings in burritos, enchiladas or fajitas, mix it up!


Pea and Feta CrostiniPea and feta crostini

You can’t get much more vibrant than pea green, making peas the perfect ingredient for bright, beautiful foods! These Pea and Feta Crostini by Nectar make for a unique way to eat peas rather than in your traditional dinner or fish and chips. The feta provides a mediterranean touch meaning that these would look great at an al fresco summer lunch!

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DIY Fruit MacaronsMacarons

Macarons have recently become fashionable in the baking world and are popular additions to tea parties. With their dainty appearance and differing flavour and colours, macarons are always set to impress. To impress even more, why not get creative with this DIY idea from Sugar & Cloth, and get drawing! Edible food markers are available online allowing you to decorate your macarons and get creative! We love this fruit example, or you could try vegetable kebabs!


Chocolate Bark with Edible Flower SprinklesChocolate bark

This chocolate looks beautifully intricate, but it’s very simple to make! Edible flowers are a great way to jazz up foods which otherwise look fairly bland. For this recipe from Paper & Stitch, simply melt chocolate, add food colouring and sprinkle flower petals! This bark would make for an adorable birthday gift, as party favours, or as a contribution to a spring or summer event!

For utensils just as colourful as these recipes, check out our “Tasty Colours” range, so you can cook and bake in style!


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