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Pinterest is the perfect platform for super-stylish creative types to enjoy sharing all sorts of lifestyle inspiration, from recipes and fashion to design, architecture and home decor. If you’re wanting to revamp your home, redecorate completely, or if you simply just enjoy lusting over irresistible interiors (I know we do!), then Pinterest is the place for you! We’ve put together our top profiles to gain Pinterest interior design inspiration!

Here are our top 3 favourite interior design pinners:

Happy Interior Blog 

This pinner is all about filling the home with individual pieces, giving spaces character with often a rustic or retro style. We particularly love the theme of this profile due to the evident love of natural decor such as pot plants and wooden furniture. Happy Interior Blog is also part of Urban Jungle Bloggers, who recently backed our Love Nature campaign and worked with us on our inspirational Love Nature pin board. If you want help to make your home super-stylish whilst bringing the outside in, then be sure to give Happy Interior Blog a follow!

Happy Interior Blog Pinterest


Annie blogs at Insideology, a blog devoted to style and the city of London. Classic London style is represented in Annie’s Pinterest profile, showcasing many classic and traditional English styles, often with a modern twist. The profile is extensive offering inspiration for all rooms in the home, from the kitchen to children’s bedrooms. If you’re looking for inspiration on keeping your home classic, traditional but still super-chic in 2015, then give Annie a follow!

pinterest insideology

HOP Design Studio

If you’re looking for variation and somewhere to gather all sorts of inspiration for your home, then check out HOP Design Studio’s Pinterest page. The profile offers everything from colour inspiration, to seasonal styles, as well as international inspiration from places such as fashionable Florance and stylish Stockholm. If you’re not sure what you want for your home, HOP Design Studio could be a great place to start – you might discover a style you never knew existed! You can also check out their blog to read about interior inspirations and for tips and product suggestions.

pinterest HOP Design Studio

3 of our favourite inspirational pinboards!

Pastel Hued Interiors – Issy Zinaburg pinterest pastels

We #LoveColour here at Brabantia, which is why we are a huge fan of this gorgeous pastel board! Pastel hues are a great way to bring lots colour into the home without the worry of garish clashing colours! The subtle hues and soft tones create a bright, relaxing atmosphere whilst energising the home and making it super-stylish. Whilst being on-trend for Spring/Summer, the pastel colour palette is beautiful all year round, making your home feel like an everlasting summer!


pinterest kitchen interior board

Interior | kitchen – The Poster Club

This board is full of chic, sleek and down right gorgeous kitchen spaces! We love the clean white and monochrome styles which make the perfect backdrop for colour pop pieces such as our beautifully designed and stylishly colourful Brabantia FlipBin. These spaces also look great understated, as seen in many of the pins, suiting many modern interior themes through classic white styling.


inspiration_home office – design outfit pinterest home office

If you have a Pinterest profile, then chances are you’re fairly creative, meaning that a place to do your creative work and play is vital. That’s why we think the home office needs to look inspirational, and why we love this board from design outfit. We can’t get enough of the minimalist and rustic styles, as well as the more ‘messy’ work spaces full of colour and pattern inspiration sure to get your creative juices flowing!


Interior design #hashtags! 

Not sure what other Pinterest profiles will inspire you? Check out these hashtags to see a wide range of pins from DIY decor ideas to luxury interiors, and get inspired! You can check out more must-know interior hashtags here.




Click to visit our Interior Design Discovery board to see some of our favourite interior styles, or check out our complete Pinterest profile for all sorts of home and lifestyle inspiration!

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