The ultimate guide – gardening tips for July

Continuing from our June guide to vegetable growing, we’ve got some fab gardening tips for July! Mid-summer does not mean you should be ignoring your vegetable garden. In fact, this time of year is crucial, with a key focus on preparing for autumn/winter. And in warmer weather in particular, crops need even more focus with regards to watering and maintenance.

5318405609_3c218e6385 If your garden has a greenhouse, then July is the time for it to be damped down. Spraying water on the ground of the greenhouse helps to reduce a dry environment and hot atmosphere, allowing vegetable growth to be more successful in the summer heat and sun.

It’s time to pay attention to…
Potatoes! Potatoes are prone to fungal infection around this time of year, particularly in wet summer conditions. Spray with fungicide if you notice coloured patches on your potatoes to avoid this continuing.
Tomatoes! In July tomatoes tend to require feeding using a tomato fertiliser and plenty of water. They take better to warm soils, making them ideal for growing around this time of year if taken care of correctly.

It’s time to sow…

Radicchio, spring cabbage, broad beans and lettuce! If you enjoy something different, these Chickpea Radicchio Wraps would make a tasty lunch or healthy snack. It’s a really great time to sow vegetables such as radicchio for colourful salads that look impressive at buffet-style dinner parties!

It’s time to harvest…

Kale, beetroot, rocket, peppers and broccoli! These are the perfect ingredients for tasty summer salads such as this Kale, Lentil and Roasted Beet Salad, with a variety of gorgeous flavours, textures and colours. Broccoli is also great for stir-fry’s which make for light vibrant summer meals along with peppers which can also be harvested this time of year. July is all about experimenting with different flavours and textures to create yummy salads and stir-fried meals! Don’t forget to pick upon use to get that ‘fresh-from-the-garden’ taste.

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