Design Insights Interview: Super-talented photographer Paul Craig!

Optimized-Paul-CraigIn this week’s edition of our inspirational Design Insights Interview, we’re excited to welcome ultra-talented interior photographer Paul Craig. Not only does Paul have a passion for all things interior, he also photographs everything from stunning landscapes to portraits. Let’s gain an insight into his creative and beautifully captured world:

Your images are so beautiful, what inspired you to delve into photography? Thank you! I’ve always loved taking photographs since I was very little and had my first Instamatic camera. It’s funny, we all carry great cameras on our phones now but people spend time on apps like Instagram making their photos look slightly rubbish, because it’s cool! But that’s how my photos used to look when I got them back 2 weeks later from the printers. 

What has been your biggest achievement in your photography career? It hasn’t happened yet! Ha ha. Although I am quite proud of the fact this year I’ve had five magazine covers already.

    Optimized-Interior-Photo Optimized-Q4

From landscapes and panorama to cities and people, your photography covers it all – but what is it about interior photography that you love? I love design, pure and simple. I am lucky, I get to see and photograph beautiful things and beautiful rooms. And anyway, who doesn’t like to see other peoples houses? Aren’t we all little bit nosey? Ha ha. My job is amazing.

What has been you best-loved interior to photograph? Mmm difficult one, as I see so many amazing houses. For this exact reason I’m not going to choose a house – I have to say my first private jet interior. I had never been on a private jet before and even though we didn’t take off, I got towed onto the runway for a shot. Then I got locked in and couldn’t get out. But it was all very exciting. 

Which room in the home do you love photographing and why? I think the kitchen or the bathroom. There’s always a lot going on and a lot of great details to photograph and even though I photograph lots of them, there is always something surprising. The bathroom can be tricky as they are often small and I end up taking photographs either sitting on the toilet or in the bath. There are a number of pictures of me on social media taking pictures squashed up against the wall in the bath! 

   Optimized-Paul-Craig-Kitchen Optimized-Paul-Craig-Interior-Photo

How would you describe your own interior style? Interesting question as I am renovating a house at the moment.  It’s nearing completion and I have designed it, so I am very nervous as I have lots of clients, colleagues and friends all very interested in what I have done. If I had to describe it, I would say my style is very masculine, lots of dark colours and rich wood with an element of industrial. With some cowboy thrown in. And a bit of Scandi. Cripes it sounds like a right hotchpotch. Well we will see, it is starting to come together and I think it will be ok. Yikes!

What colours do you adore working with? All of them! At the extreme end of the spectrum black and white can be difficult photographically. However they can also be the most dramatic. And the same colour looks so different in each room. I love that. Obviously at the moment I am photographing lots and lots of greys! I’ve used lots of black in my new house – it’s sort of the central theme in the common areas. But then I have used an incredible blue in the master bed and a deep rich olive green in a spare room. They definitely excite me as I am a bit of a neutral guy normally.

Where do you seek creative inspiration for your photography? The inspiration is around me. Whether I am photographing a landscape or a room, it’s all about what is there and what I see. Great design is wonderful to photograph. Design is inspiring. 

Optimized-Paul-Craig-Bedroom Optimized-Paul-Craig-Living-Room

What would your ultimate dream project look like? To photograph? It would probably have big Georgian windows or be made of concrete. Oooo! Maybe a Bond Villain’s Lair. 

Do you have any upcoming exciting projects you can tell us about? Photographing my own house? I was talking to a magazine editor yesterday about how it’s more difficult to photograph your own house than someone else’s. You get so used to it, so you can’t see it if that makes sense? I’m also photographing a boutique hotel in Ibiza for a client. 

Optimized-Paul-Craig-Chair  Optimized-Paul-Craig-Bathroom Optimized-Paul-Craig-Bathroom-Image

A big thanks to Paul for his fab photography insights! To keep up-to-date with his exciting future projects head to his beautiful website or follow him on Twitter @paullmcraig.

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