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Design Insights Interview: Super-chic blog Oh My Goodness!

In this week’s edition of our inspirational Design Insights Interview, we’re super-excited to welcome Belgian interior journalist, stylist, blogger and member of the jury for our ‘Pimp Our Print’ competition, Goedele from ultra-chic blog Oh My Goodness. Let’s gain an insight into her creative world:

You did a fab job on the jury of our ‘Pimp Our Print’ competition back in 2013! What have you been up to since? The Pimp Our Print competition was a superb collaboration! I’ve done some stylings and co-writings since then and of course I keep continuing blogging alongside my full time job as a tailor for Café Costume. Doing all that with my own two bare hands can be quite challenging. But I like it so much!

What do you love most about being an interior and design blogger at Oh My Goodness? I just love the writing. I’m a freelance journalist but the blog gives me the opportunity to write about what I want and without any pressure time wise. I love to share my favourite interior goodness and to inspire others.

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What has been your biggest achievement since starting the blog? I am really proud to have been chosen twice as a finalist for the Knack Blog Awards. Out of 3,500 nominees, my blog turned out to be third finalist in the category Deco & Design last year. I feel honoured with the recognition as I run the blog on my own and I’ve only been sharing my goodness for 2.5 years now.

Your blog is so visual and eye-catching, where do you find your inspiration? Good to hear that. Many of my blog followers talk about the visual style I carry. I tend to spend my time and attention on the colour combination details. Whether I am at home reading a magazine, watching a documentary, visiting a friends home, travelling, or discovering interior fairs. I’ve gone on extra photography courses and I’ve been working as a picture editor for a national newspaper for several years.

Describe your interior style… A white canvas with cosy pops of colour and smaller interior objects or graphic designs that are easier to swap in and out. I feel relaxed and at home with a Scandinavian interior style. My blog really expresses how I live or want to live.


Let’s talk interior trends! Which are you lusting over this season? Handmade dinnerware with a combination of materials. Ceramics in combination with natural wood, objects where marble meets wood, copper and glass. They fit my interior style perfectly. I love the affordable designs and dinnerware by Le Menu, House Doctor, Bloomingville and Serax.

Whats hot in interiors this year? Botanic garden inspired designs bring flora and fauna into the home. Leaf, floral and insect prints are making an appearance on everything. More muted tones are coming in to create a more comfortable environment in the home. The organic look and feel will dominate. Linens, leathers and animal furs are popular.

Which chic colour combinations are you completely obsessed with? White marble and a touch of natural wood is a true winner. This colour combination creates a simple but chic result. Whether it’s in the kitchen or living room. And yes, I love soft pastels! Not everywhere, but just subtle touches as they allow me very easily to elevate the white canvas of our home.

Three objects that can completely refresh a room are… Flowers for sure. I buy them every week as they really brighten up a room. The ones I love the most are Ranculus, as they carry a stunning colour palette and you can arrange a lovely interior setting with them, whether they are shown in a small vase of big bouquet. Beside flowers, I would say that some nice graphic design and eye-catching lighting do the trick for me.

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A recent design discovery you adore is … StoryTiles by Dutch designer Marga van Oers. She makes miniature stories on unique tiles, old-fashioned Dutch Whites. Designed with an eye for detail and a subtle splash of humour, every tile gets a new life, a new story. Since I have discovered StoryTiles, I have not only treated my home with “Jumping Fox”, “Bird Parade” and “Flying Dutchman” but I’ve set up sweet little gifts for friends and family.  

I keep my creativity alive by…. Drinking coffee and eating sweet patisserie whilst reading books and interior magazines from all over the world. Discovering European cities and the creativity that sets loose the people around me. I feel inspired by chatting away with home made soups, thai curries, dozens of milky ways and I feel inspired by the creativity that boosts my boyfriend, who’s a DJ and music producer.

Whats your most cherished interiors possession? One of the very stylish designs by Muller Van Severen, a Belgian furniture project by Fien Muller and Hannes Van Severen. If you would ask me which one I prefer, that might be “rack & table”, although their seats are very nice too.

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Describe your dream home … Blogging about interiors is a lust for the dreaming mind. I wouldn’t mind living in the home of interior stylist Emma Persson Lagerberg, the Sodae-house by architect Don Murphy or the Skylight house by Chenchow Little Architects.

What does the future look like for you? I’m working on a few projects with international design brands. And I’m playing with the idea to set up a book project and my own Oh My Goodness label. I love my tailoring job but my utter goal is to focus 100% on my own blog.

Have you seen our latest inspirational LookBook? Which item is on your must-have wish list? As you call it a must-have wish list, the “must-haves” have conquered our house already. The pastel bin in Mineral Pink and the Pauline Window Lid Canisters (winner of Brabantia’s Pimp Our Print Competition) have their spot in our kitchen. So I’ve set up a new wish list quite easily. I need a powerful, attractive and steady ironing board. As time is taking over on mine and the board cover is almost one to cry for… my favourites are Mint/Fields, Black/Dunes and Ivory/Pauline.

Thank you to Goedele for sharing her styling top tips and interior design insights! Follow her daily life on Facebook or Pinterest!

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