Summer is here! And so is our guide to growing vegetables

After our previous Spring blogs on vegetable growing in March, April and May, we’re hoping you’re now ready to take on the Summer! It’s all about big flavours, bright colours and luscious fruits, which are all the more tasty when you know you’ve grown them yourself! It’s also a fun and rewarding way to impress your Summer dinner guests too!

Although most fruiting plants are already in the ground by this time of year, the warmer soil makes the beginning of summer the perfect time to grow vegetables such as peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers and squash – ideal ingredients for fresh and flavoursome summer salads such as this Grilled Panzanella Salad. Now’s also the time to pick veg planted in autumn, such as peas and Japanese onions. Summer is all about tasty foods, most of which you can grow at home! Top tip: don’t pick more than you need for a one day serving. Fresh flavour fades the longer it’s been since it left the garden.

Summer is all about herbs!

Nearing the end of the month, conditions should be ready for the harvesting of herbs and this can continue well into late Summer. For best results, pick herbs for use straight away in your cooking, or for drying, use a sunny dry day before flowers open. 

Strawberry-picking season

June is the time of year where we should be able to get really into strawberry picking and enjoying summer berries. However, it’s important that all berry plants are checked (ideally daily) for pests such as caterpillars, who have the ability to very quickly demolish a whole bush of fruit within a few days, before you even get a chance to indulge in any yourself!

But it’s not all about the berries in June, why not try growing your own Kiwis?  These make a great ingredient for Summer smoothies and juices too.  Why not try this refreshing Kiwi Lime Sorbet for those warmer days? 

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Happy harvesting!

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